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Feeling Depressed About Finding A Job? Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Get Out of Your Rut

fundamental lack of confidence

In her important article about the gender confidence gap, Margie Warrell has pointed out, that whether women are in New York, Australia or anywhere else in the world, women wrestle with self-confidence and it’s holding them back.

If at the outset strong, smart women lack self-confidence, it’s seems only logical that when they search for a job, they’’ll be even less self-confident. In more extreme cases, this lack of confidence can lead women to feel depressed and suck them in a downward spiral.  

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InspHERation: Bat-chen Grinberg – Founder of MC Forum and Creative Director of FailCon

 Bat-chen Grinberg

Bat-chen Grinberg is the founder of the training centre for B2B marketers, MC Forum, and the creative director of FailCon. Prior to that Bat-chen was responsible for establishing the first international distribution network of its kind in the field of media and film productions, developing the international market for documentaries, including the award-winning animated war documentary, “Waltz with Bashir.”

I met with Bat-Chen met at WeWork Sarona in Tel-Aviv, a beautiful workspace environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses. Nothing could have prepared me for this very special encounter. Bat-chen was lavish in her marketing advice and stories and about her journey and success. I’m so excited to share the details of our conversation with you.

How the movie “Waltz with Bashir” Almost Didn’t Happen

“Waltz with Bashir” is a heartbreaking masterpiece. Its powerful story breaks the barriers of time and space, penetrates your heart and simultaneously builds and destroys your faith in mankind. 

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It’s International Women’s Day 2017. What’s the most meaningful thing women can do for each other?

What does it mean to you?

As I meet more women and discuss their choices and success with them, I’m always surprised when successful powerhouse women tell me that they don’t see themselves, or define themselves as feminists. Most of the time, these women tell me they don’t like labels.

And sure. I get that.  Some women don’t want to be pigeon-holed; shoe-boxed; tagged and stored.

But for others, it’s not being labeled that bothers them. It’s that they don’t like or don’t identify with the label, or with some aspect of the meaning of the label.

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Why You Should Never Ask a Copywriter to Write A Test Sample (and what you should ask for instead)

copywriting research

I’m a copywriter, content writer and corporate storyteller. As such, it’s my job to understand my clients’ business, their products, their target audience and their values.

Every so often, I get asked by a potential client for a test sample; their concern being, that I will not be able to apply my writing skills to their industry, or that the ‘voice’ of my writing will not capture what they’re looking to represent.

This request usually comes either after a client has had a bad experience with a previous writer or because they’ve never worked with a copywriter and they want to prevent a bad experience.

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The Behr Necessities Monthly Roundup: February 2017

February has been a rewarding month in terms of the content that I’ve consumed, and I’m really excited to share my favourite content this month, with you.  

Video – Theresa May: Role Model 

Who needs to watch it? Every woman and every girl. 

What I loved about this video:

  1. The politics are irrelevant. No doubt, that Theresa May is aware of every single point Jeremy Corbyn makes. And no doubt she has an issue with them. BUT. As the leader of the United Kingdom she makes a strong, passionate and inspiring arguement, making it clear who’s boss and why.  
  2. Theresa May’s conviction is something to learn from and emulate. As a leader, there’s no doubt that there are times that you have to make unpopular decisions. But when, as a leader, you backup your decision with conviction and a solid arguement, you have the ability to win people over.  
  3. Theresa May is so strong and so smart. And she doesn’t apologize for it. She’s a role model for every woman; she’s a role model for every girl. Her important message: stand strong, be prepared and fight for what you believe in. And never apologize for being amazing. 

Book – The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Charles Duhigg

Who needs to read it? Everyone. Really.

What I loved about this book:

  1. Understanding how habits work
  2. Understanding how the habits of companies influence their success
  3. Learning about the ways stores like Target manipulate us
  4. This is a fascinating and easy read. And there are even practical tips to help you change your own habits.  

Podcast – This Old Marketing

Pulizzi and Rose

Who needs to listen? Content marketers

Episodes I especially loved:

  1. Episode #170: Medium Picked the Wrong Business Model
  2. Episode #167: The Battle for Custom Content
  3. Episode #165: This is the year agencies will buy media companies

Blog – Tara Gentile (pronounced jen-till-ee)

Tara Gentile Blog

Who needs to read it? Women and men who want to be build their small business to earn more.   

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