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My 3 Big Takeaways from the Tel Aviv Women & Business Conference 2017

On Monday (January 16, 2017), I attended the 3rd annual Women & Business conference, for the second time.

Once again, the conference was emceed by the lovely Orly Vilnai; she kept things on track, bridged seamlessly between speakers and spent breaks patiently taking selfies with her adoring crowd.  

What made this conference so exciting for me, and the reason I decided to attend again, is the opportunity to learn from and meet so many talented and inspiring women.

And though the image used for the conference portrays your typical attractive woman in professional attire, the actual speakers were so varied; they were of different backgrounds, political leanings (two women Knesset members, from different parties spoke), and their professions ranged from musicians and comic artists to mentors and leaders of large organizations.   

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InspHERation: Orit Freilich – Artist, Fashion Designer and Feminist

Orit Freilich quote

Orit Freilich is an artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and senior lecturer at Shenkar college. She’s firm, yet flexible, living the dichotomy of two religions – fashion and Orthodox Judaism. I recently met up with her to discuss her journey and her success, and I picked up some important tips she has for women.  

Peering into the world of Orthodox Jews, many would say they’ve chosen a restrictive lifestyle. And maybe they have. But according to Orit, the world of fashion is far more restricting than even the modesty guidelines of the Orthodox world.


As a young girl and later as a mother to girls, Orit felt the modesty restrictions of the Jewish Orthodox world. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, working as a designer for the then-popular Israeli Bakardi jeans company, she felt the restrictions of the fashion world. “I realized that I’m living in a crazy dichotomy. There’s me and myself and so many questions that I have for myself, as if I haven’t yet defined myself….That’s when my breakthrough as an artist began. So I wrote a manifesto for myself, with myself. I called it, The Religion of Fashion. I came out against fashion. I said…you see me as a religious person [and as] a designer as if I’m unusual, as if I can’t be a religious person and a designer; as if fashion is so open and unrestricted. And I say it is the most limiting, most closed, and most rigid.”

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Want to be Self-Confident? Love Yourself. Here’s How.

Love yourself

I know that loving yourself sounds hokey. I’m aware of it. And I’m still going to tell you that loving yourself is vital to your self-confidence. As women, we’re not taught to love ourselves, to appreciate our own greatness, or at the very least recognize it. And it’s one of the reasons we sorely lack self-confidence. Think I’m wrong? Think about how many times you undervalued yourself, whether in your relationship, the type of job you settled for, or the clients you allowed yourself to put up with. The list goes on.

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10 Women Every Business Woman Should Be Following on Twitter in 2017

Twitter is ongoing party of great tips, content and conversation. If you’re not learning things on Twitter, it’s because you’re following the wrong people. Beyond just being entertained, Twitter is a platform on which it’s easy to share immediate pain points, successes as well as tips and inspiration. Twitter also makes it especially easy to network with people across the globe.
Every business woman should be following these women; the reasons, below:  

1.CamMiPham @cammipham

Cammi is interesting, inspiring and she goes against the grain. She offers so much every business woman needs to learn.

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The Greatest Podcast Episodes of 2016

greatest podcast episodes 2016

I am the Queen of Podcasts. I say this because at the moment, I’m subscribed to 85 podcasts. The number fluctuates as I add more, and more rarely, get rid of some. Podcasts are the best reason to go for a drive and they’re the reason I don’t mind being my kids’ personal cab driver, often even waiting for them in the car while they attend whatever lesson or activity that’s in their schedule.

But not all episodes are created equal. There are good episodes and there are great episodes. But the greatest episodes of all are those for which I have to stop on the side of the road (if I’m not parked), and take notes.

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