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InspHERation: MK Merav Ben-Ari – 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know

From being raised by a single mother and all through her journey to the Kulanu party and the Knesset, Merav Ben-Ari hasn’t forgotten her humble beginnings. As she works toward helping businesses prosper, she works equally hard towards empowering single mothers and at-risk youth.

I met with MK Merav Ben-Ari in the Knesset and in this post I share 5 things about her that you probably didn’t know:

1. She was on the Israel’s reality TV program “Needed: a Leader.” And she won.

In 2005, when Merav Ben-Ari first interviewed for “Needed: a Leader,” she

was relatively unknown and didn’t in fact pass the first audition, having come read more

Authenticity, Values, Inclusion: Takeaways from the Israel Business Conference 2018

Yesterday was the first of the two-day Globes Israel Business Conference 2018 held in ICC Jerusalem – International Convention Center (aka Binyanei Hauma).

Globes is Israel’s leading business newspaper, so it’s not surprising that the conference attracted a lot of big names including, the Honorable Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin, President of Israel, Dr. Hedva Ber, Supervisor of Banks, Professor Shmuel Hauser, Chairman of Israel Securities Authority and Zvi Stepak, co-founder and Chairman of the Meitav Group. read more

Setting Goals and Measuring Progress Towards a More Productive 2018

When it comes to work, I’m an extremely organized person.

But perhaps the area where my organizational skills have the most profound effect is in the area of metrics.

Speaking to a good friend, I realized that while many people may plan out their goals, less people take the time to measure what they actually accomplished and that sharing my process may help some get more done this year.  

So in this post I’m going to discuss setting goals and measuring progress towards a more productive 2018.   read more

7 Most Important Lessons Learned by Successful Women in Israel in 2017

As we wrap up 2017 and get ready to take on 2018, it’s important to stop a moment and reflect on the important lessons we learned that will take us into the future. Often, what held us back, or almost held us back – is our own self; often we fail because we didn’t even try. In this post, 7 amazing women who had the courage to get out there share their experiences and insights and what they’re carrying into 2018.

I encourage you to share your most important lesson learned in the comments below. read more

InspHERation: Yonit Tzuk – Expert Blogger and Teacher

Meet the blog researcher who developed a 5-step model that explains how a person can turn a blog hobby into a blog profession and then did just that, going on to build a home for Israeli bloggers.

Yonit Tzuk, also known as the Blogeristit, talks about what it means to be vulnerable and how she pushed beyond it to build the Hubblogging in Kfar Saba. In our interview, Yonit generously shares her experience about building the hub and how she secured a bank loan in the face of rejection.   

From blogger hobbyist to blogger professional

For Yonit Tzuk, blogging began with a desire to share, as well as learn. While abroad for her husband’s work, Yonit began sharing her daily experiences with her newborn daughter. First out of a place of loneliness, but quickly developing into a place where Yonit felt she had to write in order to learn what works and what doesn’t and better develop her content marketing muscles.

Upon her return to Israel, Yonit did a Masters in Media Communications in Netanya Academic College through which she developed her 5-stage model for turning a hobby into a paying blogging profession. read more

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