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Month: October 2010

The Importance of Being Focused

It is a truth universally acknowledged that life is a process. The world is abound with opportunity, knowledge is everywhere together with  beauty and sophistication. We are the masters of that which we decide to delve into. But herein lies the rub.

We are here for but a limited time.

And that is why we must not only dream, but do; we must spin thoughts into actions. If thoughts are straw and gold are actions, straw can be spun into gold.

But what gold is it that we seek?

What are the actions that will create a meaningful existence? read more

Parsha Cookies

Yesterday being the holy day of Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath), I went with my kids, my friend and their friends to the park. I almost always forget to take nosh for them and then of course am embarrassed that my kids are schnorrers. But I did remember to take water which I suppose is more important but far less interesting. In any event, my friend brought animal cookies which she termed “parsha cookies” since the week’s sidra was in fact Parashat Noah which tell of the deluge and of the many animals Noah saved in the ark. I thought this very witty. And something in my mind went ping. It was the idea lightbulb.  Parsha themed cookies for every parsha. Next week there could be an Abraham cookie, a Sarah cookie, the four kings and the five kings. The week after there could be a pillar of salt cookie and a Lot cookie, later on tribes cookies and Mount Sinai cookies, ten commandment cookies and Mishkan cookies. And for Simchat Torah there could be a special pack that has all the different Parsha cookies in one bag. So if anybody out there is in to producing cookies, here’s an idea for you. I think it’s a really marketable and fun idea. read more


My name is Liat Behr and I live in Jerusalem, Israel. I’m an aspiring writer.

For me, my main obstacle barring me from writing is The Critic’s voice. Who is The Critic you ask? It’s that small but not at all insignificant inner voice that tells me that I can’t write, that I have nothing of importance to say, and she always decides to make herself heard just when I’m about to write. So for one thing, it is my hope that this blog will silence her. Not permanently. I’m not naive. But just temporarily. Just long enough to spill some thoughts on paper – real or cyber. I dare say published. read more