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Month: November 2010

Caring for your Car Battery

After the battery of our first car died, a year after purchasing the car, the mechanic explained to me that the most a car battery lasts is about two to three years. And so I should expect that every two years when I’m in the most incovenient place my car will die and I will need to wait about two hours to get my car fixed.

That two year point occurred again about two weeks ago. Yes, it was at a most inconvenient time. Thinking I was on my way to get the kids and myself ready to go to my husband’s first cousin’s wedding (considering he only has two, it was a wedding we had hoped to make on time), I was proven wrong. read more

Sometimes You Just Have to Ask

About a week ago 012 had a problem with their infrastructure which affected the phone lines and internet of thousands. When I called 012 the day of the problem in order to find out why my phone and internet wasn’t working, they explained the infrastructure problem and told me it would take most of the day to repair. I proceeded to ask how they intended to reimburse me for a day with no landline or internet. “You’ll have to speak to customer service” the 012 representative replied. “Surely you must have a policy if this is the problem of thousands” I pressed. “I’m sorry you’ll have to speak with customer service” the representative repeated. read more

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

A breast cancer  4km walk was held in Jerusalem last week. A long stream of white, pink and black shirts, flourescent signs, parasols and pink ribbons flowed through the streets. Women and men, young and old, jews and non-jews were raising awareness for breast cancer. I sat in traffic caused as a result of the walk and asked myself what the purpose of the walk was.

Sure, awareness is important but to what end? Was the purpose to encourage women to do mammograms? Did they hope to influence government in policies related to breast cancer? Was this a “foot in the door” event? It’s unclear. read more