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Month: May 2011

For the Sake of Writing

As you may have noticed the look of my blog has changed just a bit.

It’s in honour of the new and exciting direction I have decided to take.
While I totally enjoy writing about issues of consumerism, I’ve decided to shift my blog to discuss writing or quite simply just to write.
Because this blog is supposed to help this writer in the making, I will focus on my writing, for it’s own sake – lishma.
(I just tried pressing CTRL-I to italicize “lishma”. It didn’t work but in the Firefox browser it did open a search through my bookmarks – pretty cool). read more

Free Dental Care for Kids – Reasons Not To Smile

Since sometime in 2010, children under the age of 12 have been receiving free dental care here in Israel. Wonderful? Depends. If your child is in need of a lot of oral work it may be more worthwhile to seek a children’s dentist privately. Before I tell you why let me just say that the information below applies to Meuchedet (and probably the other kupot if the reason given below is “a result of the new law”). And now the reasons not to smile:

1. A children’s specialist most likely won’t be the one working in your child’s mouth read more

Cutting Sugar

So I’ve decided to cut white sugar from my diet and white flour too for that matter.
Only once I made the decision did I realize that there’s sugar in almost every processed food. I also realized that if I’m going to stick to this diet I’m going to have to learn how to cook and bake with whole grains. We’ll see how that goes.
In the meantime I’ve learned to make Miso soup which is yummy, quick and easy.
I’ve also had to find alternative health supermarkets to do my shopping. Luckily this wasn’t too difficult.
I had a very pleasant shopping experience at Zmora Organi on Amatzia in Jerusalem.
Unfortunately though I couldn’t find everything I was looking for and I only realized when I got home that I need to carefully read the labels because not everything has a hechsher.
But I did manage to make a great Miso soup so I’ll share the recipe with you. read more


I’m going to digress from my usual topics of writing. A voice within me burns to escape.

The establishment of the State of Israel is nothing short of a miracle. Built on the ruins of the destruction of the Jewish people, a land for the Jews was voted on by the UN.  33 countries voted in favour of a Jewish State. A war erupted as 5 Arab armies attacked and miraculously the small state was not annihilated. 63 years later, Jews in the State of Israel must still fight for their right to live here. read more