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Month: October 2011


Just sooo cool.

For those of you that don’t know, NaNoWriMo is the short version of National Novel Writing Month.

I was about to become bummed out this evening because I figured that National meant that it was US national. I was so excited to find I was wrong. I quickly googled NaNoWriMo Jerusalem. A few minutes later I found myself signing up.

Allow me to backtrack. I haven’t yet explained the reason for my excitement.

NaNoWriMo is that one-time-a-year where writers EVERYWHERE go nuts putting down their novel on paper in 30 days. Winners are anyone and everyone that manage this stupendous feat. read more

The Next Chapter

I’ll let you in on some details.

My characters are stuck in the middle of a delta and they think they they know enough to save themselves as they have recently been quite successful in their quest. But boy are they in for a surprise.

The truth is, I haven’t worked on my story in months. A bad thing. But not all bad because it’s been simmering in my mind even without me actually getting on with the story. I’ve figured out a few key ideas during these months, one of which is how to start off my story. read more

Ilene Prusher

I met Ilene at a Writer’s Workshop she was hosting here in Jerusalem and that was recommended to me by a friend.

I enjoyed it immensely.

Firstly, Ilene is simply charming. Sweet and down to earth she was able to aim her workshop at both beginners and more advanced writers.

Her unique qualities invited everybody to participate and read their work aloud without feeling daunted or pressured in any way.

Because the group was very heterogeneous, the pieces being read as well as the feedback would transpose you across worlds and back in a single session. I was able to learn that each writer is a world unto her/himself and that every writer’s style is inherently unique. So though there is much to learn from the masters, one must allow themselves to create from within. It all of a sudden seemed clear to me that if you read and write enough and are bold enough to look inside yourself and write about it, magic will doubtlessly happen. read more

Dare to Dream

Where do ideas come from?

I could say everywhere.

But I would have told you nothing because you still would not know where to look.

Or perhaps you know already.

The blade of a leaf. The binding of book. The hook of the letter f. There’s one hanging on the crane that is being used to build the tall building across town and which I can see from my window. There’s another one at the tip of the Jerusalem Chords Bridge at the entrance to the city and though it may be out of my reach, I promise you that I can nab it with the nib of my pen. read more