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Month: December 2011

Women’s Discrimination in Israel is Nothing New

Some Israelis like to brag about the fact that Israel is the only real democracy in the middle east.

I myself wish that Israel were truly a democratic country.

I say this because a country that accepts into its legislature any political party, that as a matter of principle excludes women (and other minorities), cannot be truly democratic.

In Israel these days, the exclusion of women is a hot topic. I’m not sure what the recent catalyst was that outraged the Israeli public. I know it was something that happened in Beit Shemesh. Something that may also have to do with an ultra-orthodox Jewish male spitting on an eight-year-old for not dressing modestly enough, in his opinion. read more


What a word. Surely whoever made it up didn’t mean it.

After all a deadline represents a goal, an aim, an objective that needs to be met. It something you work towards. It’s not dead. It’s anything but.

Mine is February. February 29th. I gained a day this year. But for heavens sake, it’s not dead. It’s just not.

I’m on a high. Instead of making latkes for company I feel that the only thing that I should really be doing is writing. After NaNo and almost 1700 words a day (more towards the end – way more) 400 words, my current goal, really doesn’t seem like very much. read more

Chapter 5

I was really getting discouraged with my book.

Nothing seems to be working. The old story. My characters are misbehaving. They won’t do what I want them to and so my plot is just not moving forward. My supercilious characters won’t have anybody, least of all me, tell them what to do.

So I decided to trick them.

I sent out eight pages of my book to my writing workshop friends. Maybe they can set my characters straight. Maybe one of them will suggest a flogging, a car accident or a natural disaster which will get them back in order. read more

Sick Writing

Sick Writing is what I call my writing when all or at least most of my family members are sick.

Well, not to gross you out or anything but really the only thing I can possibly think about is the green snot and yellow diarrhea and the conversations that continue to reverberate in my head not so long after two thirds of my children are asleep. “But mummy I can’t go to sleep my stomach hurts…I can’t go to sleep I’m itchy..E, I think you have an allergic reaction let’s find the calamine lotion…ok now go to sleep….but mummy you forgot behind my ear and on the back of my neck…please just go to sleep….but mummy….mummy can I colour now?” read more