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Month: February 2012

Just Get It Written!

That’s what I did. I just got it written!

I am proud to say that yesterday, February 27th, 2012, I finished my first draft. Two days before planned.

Ok fine. Maybe I shouldn’t be that ecstatic because it’s just a first draft and I still have so much work to do. But still. It’s done.

The idea now is not to get too excited. I’ll take a week a off or maybe just a couple of days and then go back to it. And when I do,  I will no longer be facing an empty piece of paper or blank screen. read more

When the Going Gets Tough…

Last week I had a bit more than two weeks before the first draft of my novel was to be completed.

And then disaster struck.

My computer’s not working. Great. What do I do now? And I was on such a roll.

Ok forget it. I’m going to trash the deadline. I’ll set a new one.

No. I’m not. I’m going to finish this novel because I’m almost there and I’m not going to let a little set back (yeah right) like no computer get in between me and my first draft.

“You don’t need your computer to write” I tell myself. “Plenty of books have been written without one and I have plenty of notebooks and spare pages and pens. No excuses.” read more

Impulsive Writing

I’m almost done with the first draft of my novel. (There will be many more drafts I’m sure.) And the more I write the more I realize both the importance and value of impulsive writing.

My definition of impulsive writing is jotting something down, either in a notepad or on a computer, not because you have something to write but because you have to write something. The empty page or computer screen is simply crying out to you. And you, the writer, take pity and put words on paper not because they make sense but because you have to fill the page. read more

A Place to Write

Never take your writing space for granted.

It’s true you can write anywhere. But you should write everywhere.

I was getting comfortable. I had set up a wonderful routine for myself. I was either hammering in my words at the Israel Museum’s library or when that was closed I wrote at home.

Then today happened.

The library was closed, I didn’t have a moment to myself all day, and considering that my writing goal for this month is completing the first draft of my children’s novel, I don’t have any days to waste even if the excuses of motherhood and wife hood are willing to lend themselves to the purpose. read more