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Month: April 2012

Pinterest – A Must-use Tool for Writers

So you heard about Pinterest. But you’re not sure why you need it. If you’re a writer it’s a must-use and I’ll tell you why.

Firstly I’ll start by telling you that Robert Lee Brewer wrote an excellent post on The 8 Jobs of Modern Writers. As a writer you already know that though the most essential part of writing is writing but you also know that in addition to writing you also have to promote your writing and all those other things Robert – not Bob – mentions in his post. And then there’s also a full or part-time job and there’s kids and the shopping and the cleaning and walking the dog. And there are only 24 hours in a day but really only 18 because you have to sleep at least 6 of those. read more

Setting Realisic Goals

There is only one rule for writers:

Respect your readers

Everything else is technique.

I may over simplifying, but the point is the importance of thinking about your readers.

Bloggers are writers. So the same rule applies to them.

One way is through consistency. So if you tell your readers you’re going to write weekly – Tuesday let’s say – you have to stick to it. Because if you tell your readers you’re going to post once a week and then don’t, well then you’re in trouble. read more