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Month: May 2012

Falling Behind

So I’m the first to admit I’m falling behind. This post was to be written two days ago. But I was too busy writing, trying to get my story together that I couldn’t possibly think of a post.

But better late than never as some say. I say perfectionism is the enemy. I’m nowhere near perfect so I’ll do the best I can. But enough with the excuses.

What have I been writing?

I couple of weeks ago I told you about FreeMind, the wonderful free mapping program. I’m still busy outlining my story because I want to start the writing of my second draft on Sunday. Today I want to print it up so I’ll have it in front of me when I write. I don’t want to fall behind because falling behind on my bigger project – writing a book – may make it much more difficult for me to catch up later. read more

Why I Write – The Top Ten Reasons

It may seem obvious that writers write.

But why?

If you’re a writer you know why you write. If you can’t figure out if you’re a writer maybe your looking for reasons. Trying to figure it out because the writing thing doesn’t always make sense.

I’ll try to help you out. You can tell me what you think.

10. Because I am a writer and that’s what writer’s do.

9. Because I’m bored if I don’t.

8. Because my brain is full of ideas and I just have to get them down else I’ll forget. read more

Finding a Method that Works for You

Methodology is important there’s no doubt about that.

A wrong method can make you feel like a failure as time and time again you hit a brick wall attempting to fulfill your goal. I’m specifically talking about a writing goal.

So I finished that first draft of mine. I’m the first to admit. It’s shit. Yes, I have wonderful ideas that can flower into a wonderful novel, but the way it is now, well it’s not even worthy of being toilet paper.

My characters, though they exist in my head, their roles are not fleshed out enough. My wonderfully creative settings, ditto. And my plot, well, ditto again. read more

Getting It Right

I finished my first draft. Go me. Right?

Well, that’s not the way I feel. I feel like I suck. I feel like I spent hours upon hours upon hours of wasting my time. And maybe if I were to quite now that would be true. But I’m no quitter. Not today anyways.

Fine. My first draft really sucked. Sucked donkeys to quote SNL two decades ago. I suppose my consolation is that I recognize my draft is horrible. If I didn’t recognize my draft as being excrement than either I’d be delusional or perhaps a very bad reader. So at least I can say, I’m neither. read more

The Well-rounded Writer

As I write and rewrite and rewrite my story again, I realize that if I want to be successful as I writer I will have to be frugal with my words.

Ideas need to come across clear and concise. No beating around the bush. If a character has something to say – they have to say it as clearly as possible. Their words must be carefully chosen as I attempt to emotionally involve the reader.

In today’s world we mostly don’t have time to think about the words we use. We shoot them out – in e-mails, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever. But then again I suppose most people don’t think of themselves as writers. So perhaps people who don’t view themselves as writers don’t care. read more