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Month: June 2012


A big part of writing for me is also about reading. That’s obvious. But I don’t mean fiction.  I mean about writing. And so I’ve gone through some of the classics – Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones, Sol Stein’s How to Grow a Novel, Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird and others. I find them helpful. I learn that I’m not at all unique and that’s a good thing when you’re not really sure what writing a book is supposed to feel like with all its frustrations and set backs. I would have most likely given up by now if I didn’t know that I experience the same frustrations famous published authors experience. read more

Why I Won’t Revisit Winesburg, Ohio

I’m referring of course to Sherwin Anderson’s Winesburg Ohio. I didn’t enjoy it the first time so I certainly won’t be visiting again.

The preface, named “The Book of the Grotesque” piqued my interest. But it was all down hill from there.

Apparently what makes the book about the “grotesque” is the fact that the characters are base and they don’t change. They live their uninspired, detached and boring life. And I have yet to understand why any reader is supposed to care. read more

What Eugene Henderson Taught Me

I initially intended to tell you why I think a writer has to be like a magician. Instead I’m going to tell you what a writer can learn from Eugene Henderson. I’m referring of course to the great Sungo in Saul Bellow’s “Henderson the Rain King.”

Eugene Henderson is a slob extraordinaire. He’s messed in the head because his father did a great job, his brother Dick was killed and he because he never really mounted into anything except raising pigs – which really pieces nicely with the fact that he’s so fat and unkempt. read more

The Second Draft

With my outline in hand and my rough draft on the screen in front of me I began the second draft of my novel a few days ago.

I have to say that the experience has not yet been as painful as I anticipated and so far I have managed to keep up with my daily writing goals. Granted. It’s only been three days. But the good news is that not all my work is trash. Yes, it has to be re-written but the story concepts are there. At least some.

I think though the biggest difference I feel in writing the second draft is my state of mind. Yes I’m attacking my first draft as though I’m at war with it. But as I mentioned because some of the story concepts are there already my subconscious is working overtime and is working to weave the concepts that exist into a coherent story. In other words I feel like I’m writing a story and not just vomiting my ideas and characters. read more