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Month: July 2012

The Secret Garden

Once I tell you about it it’s not going to be so secret anymore but I cannot keep the enchanting orchard to myself, its existence revealed to me today.

Corn, cantaloupe, grapes and tomatoes are only a few of the crops that grow in the magical orchard. I was dazzled by the investment some locals put into what would otherwise be a dirt garden.

And it’s only a few minutes away from my home. Up a hill I never bothered to climb. I’ve lived here, in Jerusalem, for almost seven years now. Perhaps I’ve taken this city’s magic for granted. Perhaps I forgot that this age old city has a plethora of secrets waiting to be divulged. Trees and rocks may even be willing to spill them if only they’ll be listened to. read more

Writing Down the Bones Again

After one of my daughters adamantly decided she wasn’t going to camp, I braved the decision to treat both of my daughters to a fun-filled vacation with none other than moi. My plan was to either take them to the pool or enjoy an activity of their choice. Of course I didn’t forget about my writing schedule or about filling my daily quota of words as I work towards completing the second draft of my novel. Instead of sitting at my desk or in the library, my new workspace would be a white plastic chair under a dark green parasol by a pool in the mountains on the outskirts of Jerusalem while my daughters enjoy the pool, snacks and their friends. “Not a biggie. I can do this” I thought. What I didn’t take into account of course, is that my daughters didn’t only want the pool, the snacks, their friends. They wanted me. So I didn’t stay dry for very long and not because I jumped in. read more

Dare to Believe. Dare to Pursue. Dare to Succeed.

We all know how important self-confidence is. But I think writers need to remind themselves more often than non-writers. Maybe not. Maybe everybody needs a constant reminders.

Certainly if one wants to create anything – a book, a website, a company whatever, you have to believe in yourself. I was thinking about it just yesterday and how terribly sad it would be to have an idea you believe in but not believe in yourself enough to get that idea off the ground. I’m sure it happens incessantly everyday. I made the decision I don’t want to be that person and I have to make that resolution daily. Believing in yourself means pursuing what you believe in and working hard towards that goal even if you may meet some setbacks – and you will. read more

The Beginning of My Writing

I picked up the classic first writing book again, Writing Down the Bones. I feel like I need some inspiration. The time I’m spending with my kids in the middle eastern summer sun is not exactly doing wonders for my creativity.

And then Natalie Goldberg. In five minutes she inspires me to do what I haven’t been able to do in an entire week. Sit down and write. She brings me to my knees, reminding me of the first time I felt myself a writer. I was in grade three or four.

I was never a good student. Not even in the beginning. It’s true. I don’t know whether my teachers thought me capable or not. I know that I always attempted to prove my incompetence. It wasn’t very hard. Because I just didn’t try. I talked back. I spent much of elementary school in the hallways attempting to avoid the roaming principals. read more

Plotting Scenes

This week (or maybe it was last) I started using real cue cards.

I thought Scrivener’s virtual cue cards would be enough, but they’re not.

So after I mapped part of my book using FreeMind, I’m now using physical cue cards to plot my scenes. I finally feel like my story is moving and that I have a handle on it and maybe this information will be useful to you. So here goes.

The information on my cue cards:

Upper left-hand side – the act and scene. I know my story has three acts and the number of scenes differs – or I think will differ – but the act number will keep it organized and I can colour-code the acts to keep it more organized when I feel like it. read more