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Month: December 2012

Baghdad Fixer – Book Launch

Through the glass door, about to enter the Mishkenot Sha’ananim Conference Centre I could see a table covered with Ilene Prusher‘s first novel, Baghdad Fixer. I was so excited to get my hands on a copy and then of course get it signed.

I bought my copy and made my way into the main hall. I didn’t recognize any of the people sharing thoughts, laughing and enjoying their wine.

I’ve been a fan of Ilene’s for a couple of years now. Since June 2010 when I attended a writing workshop she led. Last year I attended another one and about a month ago Ilene did me the great benefit of introducing me and initiating my current writing group. read more

The Story Shield

Stories are timeless. And while we don’t know if we’ll always have books we do know that we’ll always have stories. Stories are a psychological imperative. They help us escape our own mundane reality and paradoxically help us cope with it.

In this post I’d like to explore the idea of setting off the story within as a method of coping with a difficult situation. Stories are everywhere. Within us and external to us. Many of us don’t think of ourselves as writers or even story tellers but when we find ourselves in a pickle – especially during the holiday season – (and don’t think I don’t know about those highly stressful family gatherings where you’re forced to meet the relatives you’ve done your best to avoid the entire year) writing/story-telling can be a life-saving technique. read more

The Writing Group

A couple of weeks ago a wonderful writer, writing workshop facilitator and newly published novelist Ilene Prusher set me up with two aspiring children’s authors.

I found LK and EW to be highly creative and gifted individuals. I lucked out. I had a hunch the first time I met them that they were such, but now I’m positive. This past week we sat at a table – which we hope will become “our usual” and delved into what has now become our collective writing world.

We’re symbiotically connected. Words seem to elude me as I unsuccessfully try to describe the magic ambiance that filled our writing space. I can’t explain what enchanting force inspired us to instantly connect with each other and with each other’s writing. It was clear from the first moment that we genuinely care about each other’s work. read more