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Month: March 2013

Make Your Audience Feel

Horace famously wrote “If you would have me weep, you must first of all feel grief yourself.”
It’s no secret. If we writers ever hope to make it we must emotionally move our readers.
Our readers come first. That is who we write for. We may write for ourselves – but we only do so to an extent. We write because we want to inspire or shock or excite others.
No writer writes aspiring to stash his writing into the drawer of his desk.

So once we’re over that hurdle and we’ve acknowledged that we actually want to have readers the next hurdle is to figure out how to attract them. read more

Just Keep Going

We’re all on a journey. Each and every one us.
But we aren’t sharing the same route nor is our destination identical.
The treasures each of us are picking up on the way and those that are waiting for us at the end of our quest are also unique.
Some of us have chosen easier routes and destinations.
Others of us will encounter bumpy rides that often seem like we’re going nowhere.
In fact some days we feel as though we just want to stop here.
Alright. Enough of this quest. It’s no fun, it’s fruitless, pointless. Stop the bus.
No can do. You’re autonomous but only up to a certain extent. read more