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Month: April 2013

What I Learned From Stephen King

So I finished Stephen King’s memoir, On Writing.

It’s a book with lots of valuable tips about writing but for me these were the most instructive:

1. Read Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style. Thoroughly. Let each lesson impose an effect on your writing.

2. Second draft = First draft – 10%. Tight writing is what your after.

3. You can become a good writer if you start out being a competent one. But if your aspiring to become great – fuggedaboutit.

Of course, in my book, this shouldn’t stop you from aiming high. Very high. read more

Throw Plot Out the Window

I had the honour of meeting a wonderful individual yesterday. A maven in his field and a heavy hitter. Some of what I love most about him though, is his down-to-earthiness and his downright hilarious and true anecdotes.

This guy, his field is/was bras. It’s his specialty. And it’s not so surprising considering his upbringing. As a child, his playground was the bra factory his father established, where dozens of sewing machines click-clacked all day to produce the garments thousands of women would later wear on their bodies to hold their supple and even not-so-supple breasts. You can just visualize how this young boy would play hide and seek with bras, wear them as hats and use them as blindfolds. read more

Ruthlessly Prioritize

Those aren’t my words, they’re Sheryl Sandberg’s. But you bet I’ll be adding them to my mantras.

We live in a day and age where communication and our work assignments travel at the speed of light. Measured in the mega bytes per second, it always seems like time is something we just don’t have enough of.

And of course we don’t. Because apart from our spouses, our children, our home, our work and our personal goals, there’s also Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter,  Pinterest, our e-mail accounts, and well, you get what I mean. read more

The Power To Inspire

…is the power to succeed. And we all have it.

What inspires us, thrills us and reaffirms our existence, will awaken our sometimes cowardly courage or dormant desires. We’ll step up to the challenge and we’ll succeed at what we failed at yesterday.

Inspiration is not only about success. It’s also about adversity.
It’s about getting up, wiping the mud off our elbows and cheeks and continuing on our journey, knowing that we will get up at least one more time than we’ve fallen. read more