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Month: June 2013

Barbra’s Streisand’s Fib?

Barbra Streisand’s perhaps biggest career setback happened in 1967. Or not. In Central Park. In front 135,000 people. She forgot the lyrics to a couple of songs.

She found the experience crippling. Debilitating.

It is a well known that Barbara did not perform live for the 27 years that followed that 1967 concert. Until the teleprompter was invented, I read.

Two things:

  1. 27 years is a long time. Really she didn’t perform live for that long?
  2. In 1967 the teleprompter had already been invented and was being used for television. Did it take 27 years until it was used in live performances?

If one searches, it seems as though, well, Barbs wasn’t out of concert commission for that long. In fact, a month after her flub in Central Park, she played the Hollywood Bowl and performed at many benefits after that. read more


I’m not a poet. I imagine I never will be. But I’m told I should never say never.

And yet I’m going to share some of mine,to exercise my courage.

Salt                                           Siddur                                        Water
Granules of ideas                     The words on the page               Melts the sands
Perforate my mind                    Enter my heart                            That lie in their beds Like salt on a wound               And float up to the heavens         Wanting to rest read more

When Your Day Just Won’t Do What It’s Supposed To….

You just finished setting up your day.

You know exactly what you need to do, your tasks are within reach.

And then you’re late for your early morning meeting .It’s downhill from there.

Your meeting goes horribly wrong and it has nothing to do with you being late. You can’t even think of a way you could have prevented the meltdown.

Once you’re off track, distracted and discouraged, it’s so hard to set your day back on its course.

Don’t try.

Go get yourself a hot-fudge sundae and go do something you love. Treat yourself. You deserve it. You spent the morning, or at least a couple of hours of it, in purgatory. You deserve a nice cold break. read more

The Difference between Copywriting and Fiction Writing

I don’t want to waste your time. Here’s what you came for:

In the field of copywriting, emotions lead or should lead to action. The copywriter works diligently to produce a creative message that resonates within the reader and prompts him to do something. By drawing out feelings of wishing, motivating or desiring, the copywriter who has done his job well will prompt his reader to like a page on Facebook, enter a sweepstakes or make a purchase.

When writing fiction, the talented writer, considerate of his readers, also aims to cause his readers to feel. But he uses different devices than that of the copywriter. Our senses are not a tool. Instead they are the wet cement upon which the writer leaves his impression. Using the actions of his characters, the writer crafts his story in order to extract our emotions. read more