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Month: October 2013

Trekking to Success

Climbing to the top is an arduous task. It is also extremely lonely.

I mean the trekking to the top. And the stay.

And if you’re not humble, you’ll tumble to your death.

That’s my excuse. The reason I’m not at the top.

I’m not humble enough.

But humility is something I don’t completely understand.

It’s this perfect balance between an uncompromising self-confidence and an acceptance that your success is not about you. And that quite possibly, you’ve succeeded in spite of yourself.

Because we all know that success is made up of many factors: hard work, persistence, resilience, and lots and lots and lots of luck. read more

Please Don’t Laugh…

When I was a kid I had excuses for everything. Why I couldn’t clean up my room (too much homework). Why I couldn’t play piano (my father wants some quiet time). Why I couldn’t do my homework (I forgot it at school). Why I got a bad mark on my test (the teacher hates me). You get the idea.

When I sat down to write this post I originally started writing it in my notebook. And my pen didn’t work. The pen I bought yesterday. The pen that yesterday made me feel like a bullshit artist because it wasn’t being inspired by my writing.  And it wasn’t inspiring me. read more

The Leap of Faith

 An enormous amount of faith goes into writing fiction – I mean, why do it at all? Alice Munro 

Alice Munro is the first Canadian and thirteenth female to win the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Swedish Academy described Munro as “master of the contemporary short story.” But according to Munro, the reason she wrote short stories was because she couldn’t write novels. Each time she tried “the novel would always break down about halfway through and I would lose interest in it, and it didn’t seem any good and I wouldn’t persist,” she told the Wall Street Journal in 2009. Poor Alice. read more

Is Writing Two Hours A Day Enough?

My husband works extremely hard. On most mornings he leaves for work at 7:30am and returns fourteen hours later. But when he’s at work, he’s at work and he doesn’t need to think or worry about anything else.

I have six hours to work before I have pick up my son, and then my time belongs to my children until about 9pm. I then head back to my desk to complete my work day.

I struggle. To build my copywriting business, write my novel, practice my writing, do homework with my kids, cook, clean and read. read more

Why You Want to Visit the Israel Museum by October 19th

It binds us unaware from the moment we our born until the moment we depart. Gripping our minds and bodies it leaves its mark of memories and wrinkles. We do our best to keep up with it and mostly we fail. It continues while we stop, panting.

It runs, it flies, it sails. The best the human race has done to keep up with it is Bolt and Christian Marclay.

Surely you’ve heard of Usain Bolt and no explanation is needed.

But you may not yet be aware of Christian Marclay and The Clock.

In The Clock, Christian Marclay has carefully selected clips from thousands of movies and brilliantly edited them. The old faces of pocket watches, aging grandfather clocks, their pendulums still in full swing, mantel clocks, lantern clocks and digital clocks, tell the story of each passing moment, creating a twenty-four hour movie of time’s passage. read more