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Month: March 2016

11 Reasons You Need a Writing Group and What You Need to Know About Setting Up Your Own Group

writing group

A good writing group is like a tonic that will heal, strengthen and renew the painful illness of writing. Here are 15 reasons why you need one and how you can set one up.

1. Your kick in the pants

Many writing projects are like ultra-marathons; long and excruciating. You’re super-motivated at the beginning, but as time goes on you wonder why you’re doing it to yourself. It’s those moments when you’ll appreciate your writing group most. If you’re meeting once a week (my personal recommendation), you’ll give each other the kick-in-the-pants it takes to finish a project.   read more

How Improvisational Theatre is Helping Me Write My Story


That’s what happens when writers like me are too damn scared to put more words on a page. And that’s the worst.

Getting words on the page is vital to getting our stories written. Each word on the page is an act of courage and being courageous, especially for long stretches of time, is not always easy, not to say excruciatingly difficult.

I’m currently studying improvisational theatre, where I’m learning to overcome my fear of public speaking. I’m also learning to overcome my fear of not knowing what happens next in my story.    read more

5 Things Working in Hi-Tech Taught Me


I never planned on working in hi-tech. It just happened. Like when you trip. Except that I fell into something amazing. The world of hi-tech taught me so much, not the least of which is that sometimes it’s a great idea to let what comes carry you.

Here are 5 things working in hi-tech taught me.

I am forever in debt to the wonderful Orly Itzhaki, CEO of WiseStamp for teaching me and giving me the opportunity to learn so much.  

  1. Break the speed limit and get into an accident if you must

This lesson tops my list, because it’s one of the most important lessons I learned. As a writer, it’s also one of the most difficult for me to embrace. read more

The most audacious women in the world today and what they’re teaching us

audacious women

In honour of International Women’s Day 2016, I’m devoting this post to the incredible and audacious women who are working towards changing our world and making it a better, safer and happier place for women everywhere.

Sheryl Sandberg

She’s our hero. And not because she can leap tall buildings in a single bound. It’s because she’s a role model in the truest sense of the word. She doesn’t just talk about it. She is it. She’s the successful business woman, she’s the proponent of women everywhere, the one encouraging us and challenging us to stay committed to our dreams, and she’s also the one promoting us on social media. Incredibly, it doesn’t end there. While Sheryl Sandberg is a larger than life feminist icon, she also finds the courage to share her personal life, her ups and downs. We don’t know Sheryl Sandberg – the person – in that we’ve never met her, or spoken with her. But somehow, we feel like we do and we want her to be our friend. read more

Why I Threw Myself Off a Cliff

throwing yourself off a cliff

I was comfortable and content. I was working with the greatest group of people you could hope to be around, learn from and call your co-workers. I had financial stability.

And then I threw myself off a cliff.

My husband was in London, I told him over the phone that I was going to leave my part-time job, to pursue writing my book. “Sure,” he said.

The day he came back, I did it. I gave my notice.

“I’m leaving WiseStamp,” I told him.

He looked at me. Shocked.

“Why are you surprised? I told you.” read more