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Month: August 2016

17 Exceptional TED Talks by Exceptional Women

TED speaker

As we head into the difficult month of September and getting us and our families back into healthy routines, I want to arm you with the most inspiring, courageous, and helpful TED talks I’ve come across. Find the time to view them and where relevant, incorporate into your life.

1. Amy Cuddy – Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Our body language is significant and makes a difference not only to the way others perceive us, but the way we perceive ourselves. 

2. Mel Robbins – How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over read more

The 7 Best Advertising Campaigns That Inspire And Empower Women

women super athletes

The Rio Olympic Games 2016 have given us women-super-athletes that are pushing the limits and breaking more records and barriers than ever before. From Simone Biles and Simone Manuel to Katie Ledecky and Michelle Carter, these women inspire us to achieve, break barriers and smash records.

And while these hard-working and talented women strike sparks of excitement within us, that push us to do more, be more, and expect more of ourselves, the best advertising campaigns aim to inspire and empower us women by helping us to recognize our strengths and appreciate them. read more

Meeting with Meshuganehmum: Part 2 – Is Women’s Misery Their Right of Passage

Work Life Balance

In case you missed it, last week I met with Miri Bar Natan, or Meshuganehmum, as she’s known on Snapchat. I’ve already shared our conversation about Snapchat with you, and this week, I want to share the continuation of our discussion and cover the work-life balance and Meshuganehmum’s take on women’s right of passage.  


So you work really hard, and you have a husband and kids. How on earth do you juggle it all?


Listen, I just don’t believe in the work/life balance. There is no balance. You can’t give 100% to your work and 100% to your family. It just doesn’t happen. You know, there are some people who are interested moving up, becoming a manager and then a VP.  And people tell me, you’re talented, you can move up. And I tell them, I’m not interested. That’s just not me. I’m the type of person that works hard and plays harder. That’s just the way I am. read more

Meeting with Meshuganehmum: Here’s What I Learned About Snapchat


About a month ago, I met Meshuganehmum, aka Miri Bar Natan, a friend and well-known tech-savvy marketer in the hi-tech industry, at the home of mutual friends. I asked her if she would meet up with me after I returned from my family vacation to discuss Snapchat and find out what she thinks about Snapchat, women, and feeling worthy.

We met to talk this past Sunday. Here’s what Meshuganehmum taught me.



I don’t get it. Why do people love Snapchat?


Snapchat works for three reasons in my opinion. read more