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Month: September 2016

7 Things Every Successful Woman Can Learn from Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

“Demonstrate power, command the issues and the ability to shred your opponent – all while seeming (just) likeable enough.” -Maeve Reston, CNN

Whether you’re a Hillary Clinton supporter or not, Hillary Clinton should be admired for her ability to command last night’s debate despite Donald Trump’s continuous attacks and  interruptions. Many tactics she used in last night’s debate can and should be learned and adopted in the workplace. In this post, I explore 7 things every successful woman can learn from Hillary Clinton, as demonstrated in last night’s presidential debate. read more

What Every Successful Business Woman Can Learn From Rebecca Minkoff

rebecca minkoff

Diligence, persistence and competitive drive are just a few of the important characteristics it takes to build a successful company. What makes Rebecca Minkoff’s success especially impressive, is the fast growth of her company despite a recession and the fierce and over-crowded fashion-industry competition. Read on to learn what else every successful business woman can learn from Rebecca Minkoff.   

Naming products is a serious matter.

As a copywriter, one of my favorite jobs is naming products. Products are income-generating vehicles and how strong their motor is, is not just about what goes into them, it’s also about how they are perceived. Rebecca Minkoff names her bags. I mean really names them. She’s given some of her bags creative and sassy names that relate to the love experiences of her target audience – MAB – the morning after bag, Lovers Clutch, the Affair, the Swoon and more. In today’s day and age luxury means much more than just expensive. Luxury is about the meaning customers can derive from the product, which is why a meaningful name is especially important. read more

Being Super-Mom Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does

mom who does everything

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the type of Super-Mom that has dinner on the table at promptly 6:30pm every evening, my home is not always immaculate (read: never), and I yell at my kids way too much.

But. Last week, after a conversation with my 11-year-old daughter, I realized that I am Super-Mom. And I bet you are too. You may just not know it.

For the record, before I get into any details, I did receive permission from my 11-year-old to share this story with you (‘cause you know, that’s what Super-Moms do). read more

The 7 Best Posts Of This Past Week

working with computer

It’s been a tough week, the kids started school, my workload isn’t getting lighter  (no complaints!), and I’m obsessed with getting my book writing done.

And while I’ve had less time to play, less time to sleep and less time to devote to my sanity, I’ve haven’t given myself a break on keeping up with my favorite blogs.

Here’s a list of my favorite posts from this past week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.