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Month: November 2016

3 Reasons It’s Vital to Network With Women

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t like networking. Ok, forget that. Maybe you like networking, so I’ll just speak for myself. I hate networking. I suck at it. I’m good at speaking to people who I already know. I feel extremely uncomfortable and shy around people I don’t know, though I don’t consider myself a shy person.

And yet, having said that, I do know, on a cognitive level, that networking is important. I recently attended an excellent workshop given Helen Gottstein and I learned just how important and effective networking can be. In fact, I walked out of that workshop with a power-house of a woman who I had just met and who was helping me think creatively and strategically about my business.   read more

5 Things that Still Haven’t Changed for Women in our Modern World

women have to look beautiful

Sure, women have come a long way since the days that we weren’t allowed to vote, run marathons, or study in universities. But though it’s almost 2017, the road to gender equality is still long and very bumpy.

The number of women in our modern world who are smart, talented and savvier than ever, have surpassed men in education; that is, more women than men are receiving high-school diplomas, studying in university and even pursuing doctoral degrees.  

In Israel, where I live, there has already been a female prime minister. And yet gender inequality is still rife. read more

Is Making a Business Phone Call Causing You Anxiety? Here’s What To Do.

business phone call

Personally, I find cold calling easy. Now it’s easy. Because I’ve flexed my cold calling muscles by making more than 1,000 phone calls to some of the biggest businesses in Israel. And yet, it’s the warm business phone calls that I still find difficult. Very difficult.

Take last week for instance, when I wanted to make a phone call to a successful business mentor, writer and speaker who I dared approach at a conference. She gave me her card and said “call me.” I was about to email her because it was the easy way to get in touch, and yet her words “call me,” echoed in my mind. read more

Dove Real Beauty Sketches – Cynical Use of Feminism or an Advertising Campaign That Inspires?

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

I originally set out to write a post about companies that do a really bad job marketing to women. I wanted to compile a list of companies whose marketing fails are so bad that women would perhaps reconsider supporting their brand.

I had in mind to create a list of marketing fails like this one:

the perfect beer for whatever happens

In 2015, Bud Light was accused of promoting rape culture.

But then, I came across an article called 10 Worst Ways Companies Have Used Feminism to Sell Women Products. I read the article. And while I could totally agree with most examples, there were others that confused me. In fact, one of them I even chose for a blog post called The 7 Best Advertising Campaigns That Inspire and Empower Women. I am referring of course to the Dove Real Beauty Sketches  campaign. read more

5 Best Tools to Get Organized and Make the Most of Your Day

best tools

We women, we’re busy. We’ve got a lot on our plate. And so we need to be efficient. Our hectic schedules demand it. So even if you’re like me, in that you weren’t blessed with the organization or neatness gene, all is not lost. Here are 5 tools I use to keep myself organized. These tools truly make a difference and help me meet my daily, weekly and monthly goals.

One more thing before I start with my list. If possible, it is best to have one “go to” place; that is one place where you store all your ideas or info that you need to keep track of. Depending on what you do, that might be impossible. No sweat. Just make sure that you’re using each tool for something else. I’ll explain this a bit later in the post. read more