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Month: December 2016

10 Women Every Business Woman Should Be Following on Twitter in 2017

Twitter is ongoing party of great tips, content and conversation. If you’re not learning things on Twitter, it’s because you’re following the wrong people. Beyond just being entertained, Twitter is a platform on which it’s easy to share immediate pain points, successes as well as tips and inspiration. Twitter also makes it especially easy to network with people across the globe.
Every business woman should be following these women; the reasons, below:  

1.CamMiPham @cammipham

Cammi is interesting, inspiring and she goes against the grain. She offers so much every business woman needs to learn. read more

The Greatest Podcast Episodes of 2016

greatest podcast episodes 2016

I am the Queen of Podcasts. I say this because at the moment, I’m subscribed to 85 podcasts. The number fluctuates as I add more, and more rarely, get rid of some. Podcasts are the best reason to go for a drive and they’re the reason I don’t mind being my kids’ personal cab driver, often even waiting for them in the car while they attend whatever lesson or activity that’s in their schedule.

But not all episodes are created equal. There are good episodes and there are great episodes. But the greatest episodes of all are those for which I have to stop on the side of the road (if I’m not parked), and take notes. read more

How I’ll Turn my 2016 Fails into my 2017 Wins

Frustrated and failing

I did a lot of things right in 2016. But I did many things wrong, or not good enough. And though I know that it’s really important to focus on the good, it’s at least equally important to take stock of the things I could have done better.

Here’s my personal list of 2016 fails and how I’m going to make good on them in 2017. If you can learn from my mistakes by becoming wiser than I was before I made them, my 2016 stumbles and falls will have been worth it.

So here are my 2016 fails and how I plan to turn them into my 2017 wins:
1. I didn’t target my ideal client enough

Until about halfway through 2016 I wasn’t entirely sure about my target audience. What’s interesting about this, is that understanding a business’s target audience is something I help clients figure out, if it’s not already obvious to them. But for some reason I was having trouble doing it for myself. I’m grateful to Charlie Kalech for helping me figure this out. Once I understood my target audience, I should have created an entirely new list of prospect. I didn’t. read more

5 Things All Women Entrepreneurs Need To Do Before 2017

women entrepreneur planning 2017

I recently started listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast, The Dave Ramsey Show,  in which he encourages American families to take the plunge into reducing their financial debt. What first struck me about Dave’s podcast is the fact that what he teaches is so sensible, yet not always easy. But the one thing that’s very clear for any family wanting to come out of the debt, is the fact that they have to know their numbers.

Having listened to three episodes, I began to notice that the facilitators or catalysts for financial change, very often were women. Sometimes these women were stay-at-home moms, yet they were the ones who came to their husbands telling them it was time for change; it was time to be serious about their financials. read more