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Month: May 2017

7 Successful Israeli Women Share Their Best Productivity Tips

Time is one of the most precious commodities we have. It can’t be bought. It can’t be recycled. And it’s constantly being used up.

That’s why learning to make the most of our time is one of the most useful things we can learn.

The most successful people on this planet are so successful, precisely because one of the things they mastered is productivity. Being effective and efficient.

But learning productivity is also tricky. Because productivity tips that we may learn from others don’t automatically apply to us. We were all blessed with a different mind, a different way of thinking and a different way of doing things. And that’s why we should certainly try out productivity tips that sound like good ideas. read more

InspHERation: Heli Jacobs Virt – CEO of Bina Yetera & Director at Yoda’at College for Business Sustainability

Success Heli Jacobs

How does a girl who grows up without a father and is sexually abused as a teen, go on to become a successful business women teaching confidence and business sustainability?

Heli Jacobs Virt, lost her father in the Yom Kippur War, when she was just a year old. Since then she’s grown to become a successful businesswoman. She is the CEO of Bina Yetera and Director at Yoda’at College for Business Sustainability, helping women and businesses meet their strategic goals. I met with Heli to discuss her thoughts on confidence, failure and success and feminism.

If you lack confidence – create it

As a girl and as a teen, Heli lacked confidence. It might have something to do with losing her father in war, it might have something to do with being sexually abused as a teenager. What’s for sure, is that even though Heli’s mother, and her father’s parents and siblings, and even her stepfather, did their best to imbue Heli with confidence, internally she still felt unconfident. read more

Modesty: The Trouble Isn’t With Women

Two days ago a woman was stoned because some boy decided she was dressed immodestly. This type of behaviour shouldn’t surprise us when there is an overall acceptance for the fact that women’s modesty is men’s business.

Two days ago a woman was “lightly injured” after a boy threw a rock at her for dressing “immodestly.” And while violence against women and girls for immodest dress is not new, I don’t think we can be angry at the Ultra-Orthodox for this deviant behaviour. We need to be angry with ourselves and we need to be doing something about it.

Modesty and Women in Modern Israel

In the modern state of Israel, women are in fact autonomous beings. But even in this day and age there are still issues of modesty that come up again and again. read more

7 Things I Learned From Writing 69 Things Israel’s Successful Women Love About Their Country

Two days before I was supposed to publish my weekly blog post, a crazy idea became lodged in my mind: for Israel’s 69th birthday, find out what 69 successful women love about Israel. I had no idea how I’d meet my objective in two days, but I ran with it.

The post did NOT take two days to produce. It took close to 69 hours in 6 days. And without the love, support, and  encouragement of my family and friends, it would have never happened.  

My secret weapons in producing this post were my husband and children, who encouraged me to no end, served me food and drink at my desk and made close to zero demands on my time; Vered Cohen Barzilay who opened magical doors, offered incredible insight and offered so much support and encouragement; Ruth Ebenstein who ceaselessly opened doors and offered much needed support; and Orly Izhaki and Miri Bar Natan who acted as my sounding boards and encouraged me to let my post take its first breaths. read more