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Month: August 2017

InspHERation: Aviv Landau-Artzi – Think. Dare. Influence.

Aviv Landau-Artzi is an entrepreneur and business woman who believes that entrepreneurs must follow their own truths. She helps others to create their maps to success while staying in tune with her own inner voice. 

For Aviv Landau-Artzi, entrepreneurship is in her DNA. From a young age she wasn’t interested in what her parents thought or what the neighbors would say. She is an independent thinker who wants to share her ideas and practical knowledge to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into products change the world.

The Entrepreneur Who Never Fails

“Look at where everybody is going, and go the opposite way,” is Aviv’s philosophy, “just because everybody is going one way, doesn’t mean it’s right,” she says.

I ask Aviv to elaborate.Aviv_Landau_Artzi

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What do you do with clueless clients? Here’s what I did.

Recently, or not so recently, I started working with a client in a new industry. I love the thrill of new industries because it creates the opportunity for me to learn new jargon and new things that I get to turn into compelling copy.  

When these projects come my way, I’m fired up to prove myself, mostly to myself, but also to my client.

So I eagerly got on the job and set to work.

When I sent my client the first draft  I couldn’t get a hold of him for a couple of weeks. This isn’t rare. My clients are busy. I also know that for the most part, they appreciate that I’m “running after them,” because it means that I’m managing the project and it’s one less thing for them to worry about.

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