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Month: November 2017

InspHERation: Eetta Prince-Gibson – Award-winning Journalist

Our world is complex. But wise, courageous and deep-thinking women, like Eetta Prince-Gibson, inspire and challenge us to boldly live the dichotomies the world presents us with, through diversity and equality.

Eetta Prince-Gibson is an incredibly warm person. She is also thoughtful and sharp, openly sharing her smart, complex and profound ideas. Having been a woman at the editorial helm of a leading media establishment in Israel, and having contributed to its significant growth, Eetta’s insights on fear provide not only inspiration, but also a hopeful perspective on how we can improve ourselves with deliberate action.   

Strong on the outside but not on the inside

As I review my notes from my meeting with Eetta, I realize how much overcoming fear is central to our lives. Even one as smart, successful and talented as Eetta has had to overcome fear and this feeling of “I’m not good enough.” read more

Pricing: How Copywriters Can Get It Right

Pricing is a tricky beast.

In the almost five years that I’ve been a freelance copywriter, I’ve learned a heck of a lot about pricing.

Mostly because I spent the first year getting it all wrong.

Over the past few weeks I’ve spoken to a few people about pricing. A couple of them asked me if I can put together a post about about the subject and it is to them that I dedicate this post.

This morning, I came across an excellent LinkedIn update about pricing which I’m going to elaborate on.


Starting out as a freelance copywriter, I could only send specs (ads copywriters make up when they don’t yet have any real samples). Nobody knew my work. Nobody could refer work to me. I was on my own. read more

How to Get Paid by Clients Who Don’t Want to Pay

Have you ever had trouble  getting paid?

Don’t sweat it too much because being refused payment is almost like a type of initiation. When you’re in business long enough, you’re sure to come across that dreaded client who doesn’t want to pay.

Does having a client who doesn’t want pay mean that you won’t get paid?

Of course not. It just means that you have to have measures and techniques in place, to help ensure you get paid.  

In this post, I share my experience in the hope that it will help you to get paid.

Put measures in place

When I started my copywriting business, at the outset I put together a price quote. Beneath the element that states the cost,  I list my terms and conditions. Those terms and conditions protect me. read more

Gender Segregation: How It’s Harming Women

Israel is a modern country based on modern values. But it is also a place where many believe that synagogue should inform state, where women-barring religious parties make up almost 11% of the Knesset, and where gender segregation is becoming increasingly pervasive.  

We’re not going to blame religion. Yes, Jewish Law is patriarchal. But precisely because it is patriarchal the wise rabbis always looked for ways to protect women. In fact, Judaism until modern times, has always been one step ahead of secular society in fostering women’s rights. read more