Successful Women of Israel

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Month: February 2018

InspHERation: Savta Gamila – The soap-maker with a message of women empowerment and peace

Savta Gamila, renowned internationally as a great Israeli soap-maker that bears her name, and winner of 2017’s Jasmine Award, needs no introduction. Her contributions to society go well beyond just making soap. Her hardships, values and entrepreneurial spirit have influenced her success as well her drive to empower Israeli women.

The legendary Savta Gamila grew up in the rural hills of the Galilee. Having only studied in school until grade two, she was educated by her parents and grandparents in the oral tradition of nature. Her economic adversity and strong will led her to work towards a better life for herself and her family. But beyond Savta Gamila’s personal struggle for a better life, was a desire to create a better community, one that would promote both women empowerment and peace. I met up to meet and learn from Savta Gamila at the Gamila Secret factory at the Tefen Industrial Park in the Galilee. read more

Don’t Start a Business Blog. Do This Instead.

Not all businesses have a blog and not all businesses should have one if they won’t be able to keep up with its rigorous long-term demands. The demands of a business blog can take a toll on your business if you don’t have the resources it takes to develop and maintain it.

A business blog demands time and thought. And that never goes away. A business blog will always demand time and thought if you aim to put out great content that will draw your customers and prospective customers.   

Business blog read more

Advice to Your Younger Self: Neta Feller, VP of Human Resources at Natural Intelligence

In preparation for my post 9 Successful Women of Israel Answer: What Piece of Advice Would You Give to Your Younger Self? one of the women I spoke to was Neta Feller, VP of Human Resources at Natural Intelligence, a speaker who I met at the Globes conference.

Neta was generous with her time and elaborated on three pieces of advice she would give to her younger self. Much of it, she tends to share with the workforce at Natural Intelligence.

Because my previous was a much shorter post, I couldn’t incorporate all her valuable advice. And so I chose to write an additional post, especially dedicated to dive deeper into Neta’s advice to her younger self. read more