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5 Best Tools to Get Organized and Make the Most of Your Day

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We women, we’re busy. We’ve got a lot on our plate. And so we need to be efficient. Our hectic schedules demand it. So even if you’re like me, in that you weren’t blessed with the organization or neatness gene, all is not lost. Here are 5 tools I use to keep myself organized. These tools truly make a difference and help me meet my daily, weekly and monthly goals.

One more thing before I start with my list. If possible, it is best to have one “go to” place; that is one place where you store all your ideas or info that you need to keep track of. Depending on what you do, that might be impossible. No sweat. Just make sure that you’re using each tool for something else. I’ll explain this a bit later in the post.

So here’s my list of the 5 tools to get organized and make the most of your day:

  1. Feedly  is the tool that keeps your news feeds organized. It’s easy to navigate and add feeds, and it organizes your feeds by categories, so that it’s super-easy to follow your favorite content. feedly
  2. Trello. There are so many different ways to use Trello. As a concept, it’s a project board, but really it’s so much more.  You can use it to manage a team or just yourself; use it to keep track of projects, or stages of your projects, your workflow and ideas. You can even sync it with your Google Calendar. movie board
  3. Evernote is a brilliant app that allows you to create and store and organize your notes. You can even save webpages, webpage excerpts, photographs and voice memos.  You organize your information by using notebooks and you should have different notebooks for different categories of information. Even if you’re a bit disorganized in the way you use Evernote, all you have to do is search and Evernote will find what you’re looking for. 



Here’s where I return to my earlier comment. It is beneficial to use only one app to store your things. I say this because I’ve fallen into a trap where I’m using way too many apps. Storing all your information in one place will make your life so much easier. But if you can’t or don’t want to, at the very least know what bits of information you store where. For example – store facts in Evernote, and workflows, visuals and everything else in Trello. The more apps you use to hold your information, the harder it is to keep track and be in control of. The best thing to do is experiment and over time figure out what works best for you.

4. Toggl is a time tracker. Track your time and see where it’s all going. It’s really easy to use and can provide you with amazing insights into how your time is being spent and how your time should be spent. Because it’s easy to navigate between the different reports (summary, detailed and weekly) as well as previous reports, I’m always in competition with myself to see how I can be even more productive. 


toggl timer

5. Momentum is an iPhone app that lets you create new habits. I started using it only recently, but it’s working really well for me. One habit that I’ve been having a particularly difficult time with, is reading. Yes, I read everyday but not enough. I wanted to be able to commit to an hour each and every day. So now each day at 9pm I get an alert. That reminds me to read. Having it on my Calendar didn’t help. I don’t know to say why. I do know to say, that after I do my daily reading, I check it off on Momentum and my day is marked in green. It feels great, and keeps me going. 

momentum habits


What tools do you use to keep you organized and help you meet your goals?


  1. I keep hearing great things about Trello – I will need to try it! I do love Evernote, though I’ve been dabbling with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive a bit. You are completely right that one app should have one purpose! My dabbling with the above mentioned three is to decide which will be most useful for my current tasks.

    Have you tried Swipes ( It is a simple to-do list app that coordinates with Evernote. I can create items in the app or import items from Evernote, and when they are completed it will update the notes in Evernote, too. I love it for simple reminders.

    • liat

      November 27, 2016 at 8:16 pm

      Hi Michelle, I haven’t tried Swipes. For my immediate to-do list I have a hand written notebook with my tasks. Time-specific tasks make it to Google Calendar.

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