Never take your writing space for granted.

It’s true you can write anywhere. But you should write everywhere.

I was getting comfortable. I had set up a wonderful routine for myself. I was either hammering in my words at the Israel Museum’s library or when that was closed I wrote at home.

Then today happened.

The library was closed, I didn’t have a moment to myself all day, and considering that my writing goal for this month is completing the first draft of my children’s novel, I don’t have any days to waste even if the excuses of motherhood and wife hood are willing to lend themselves to the purpose.

So after putting the kids to bed I told my husband that I needed to go out. He knew. “Oh, you’re going to write?” At this stage in the game I think he knows I’m serious. I’m a writer. Not yet published, but a writer nonetheless.

I knew where I was going to sit. A cafe on Emek Refaim. No, I’m not going to let you know which one. But I’ll tell you this. It was the best thing I did for myself and my writing today.

The words came. Almost effortlessly. There was so much to write about and I got it working with my plot. Granted, I don’t know that it will live to the final draft of the story, but it was a session that left me satisfied that I am a writer and that tomorrow will be another good writing day.