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The Podcasts Israel’s Successful Working Women Are Listening To

Podcasts for working women

This post originally started out with the idea of sharing female-hosted podcasts as listened to by Israel’s successful working women. What it turned into is a wonderful non-genre-specific hodgepodge of podcasts that Israel’s successful working women listen to, though not necessarily hosted by a woman. 

All the podcasts in this list were recommended by fellow Ima Kadimas. Ima Kadima is a Facebook group and non-profit organization started by two incredible women –  Naava Shafner & Cori Widen.

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InspHERation: Moran Bar – CEO, Geekmedia, Feminist & Hero of Good

Moran Bar

A trailblazer in the Israeli and international tech world, Moran Bar is making the world a better place for startups, women and everybody she meets. She shares details about her unexpected meeting with Arthur Sulzberger, owner of The New York Times, and his unexpected trait.   

Moran Bar is the CEO of Geektime, one of the largest international tech blogs that focuses on being an ecosystem for startups. She’s an inspirational and humble leader who openly shares her experiences. And while Moran is acutely aware of the obstacles that stand in the way of women in tech, she’s undeterred by them and instead focuses on the way she can help other women in their journey to success.

I met up with Moran in her Tel Aviv office to talk about her success, experience and insights into the world of women in entrepreneurship and tech.

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Is it Possible to Comfortably Move Outside Of Your Comfort Zone?

On the one hand, we can’t start new things, progress, or improve our performance if we don’t step out of our comfort zone. On the other hand, getting out of our comfort zone can cause stress which can affect us detrimentally.

So what do we do? How can we get out of our comfort zone without detrimentally affecting our health?

Our comfort zone is the bulls-eye. It’s where we are and what we’re comfortable with. The comfort zone isn’t necessarily where we’re happiest, but it’s the zone we’re most familiar with.

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Expanding HERizons – SWOI’s Monthly Roundup – June 2017

Are you halfway to reaching your annual goals? Don’t worry if you’re not. Debbie Millman, Jay Conrad Levinson and Brené Brown are here to get you back on your feet.

Tomorrow marks the end of June and also the end of the year’s second quarter. Are you halfway to reaching your annual goals? Me? There are goals I’m totally smashing and other ones that I’m totally missing.  Here’s the best content that I consumed in June and that helped inspire me, get the mud off my face and keep going.

Video – Debbie Millman on the Chase Jarvis Live Show

Anything worthwhile takes a long time

Why You Should Watch It:

In this conversation with Chase Jarvis, Debbie Millman provides insight into her own experiences about success. She touches upon many concepts including worthiness, vision, self-doubt and more. Each of her insights is deep, rich and meaningful and applying some of them have already enabled me to think more clearly and build an even better plan for the second half of 2017.

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13 Successful Israeli Women Share Their Favourite Tools & Apps

Women are natural problem-solvers constantly looking and finding better, faster and smarter ways to do things. Israeli women are no different. In fact living in the hi-tech capital of the Middle East, Israeli women know that there is a tool or app to help them with almost anything.  

In this post, 13 successful Israeli women share their favourite tools and apps. Check out the ones you’re unfamiliar with and take time to try them out. You might also want to revisit ones you’ve tried in the past. I’ve just returned to pocket, after Bat-chen’s Grinberg’s recommendation and clear outline of how it should be used.

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