Writers write. Not because they can but because they have to.

Looking back at my day I regret that I have not yet found five minutes to share my thoughts, my silence, my peace, with my notebook. Perhaps I am sharing it now.

My kids and husband have gone to bed. Hours ago. I, on the other hand, have not yet let my day go to sleep. If earlier it kept me on the go, now it’s my turn to hold on to it and keep it busy for as long as I can.

We’re here for a limited time. We all have our priorities (or should) of what we expect of ourselves. We’re human. We’re limited, it’s true. But one cannot allow for the facts to keep them from creating their own reality, destiny, or whatever you prefer to call yours.

I’m a writer, so I write. I can’t help myself. In doing so I’m keeping with the script I’ve written for myself and fulfilling who I am.

Be You. As terrifying as you may think that is, fret not. Keep your chin up and look straight ahead. Smile. The world is waiting for you to succeed.