February has been a rewarding month in terms of the content that I’ve consumed, and I’m really excited to share my favourite content this month, with you.  

Video – Theresa May: Role Model 

Who needs to watch it? Every woman and every girl. 

What I loved about this video:

  1. The politics are irrelevant. No doubt, that Theresa May is aware of every single point Jeremy Corbyn makes. And no doubt she has an issue with them. BUT. As the leader of the United Kingdom she makes a strong, passionate and inspiring arguement, making it clear who’s boss and why.  
  2. Theresa May’s conviction is something to learn from and emulate. As a leader, there’s no doubt that there are times that you have to make unpopular decisions. But when, as a leader, you backup your decision with conviction and a solid arguement, you have the ability to win people over.  
  3. Theresa May is so strong and so smart. And she doesn’t apologize for it. She’s a role model for every woman; she’s a role model for every girl. Her important message: stand strong, be prepared and fight for what you believe in. And never apologize for being amazing. 

Book – The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Charles Duhigg


Who needs to read it? Everyone. Really.

What I loved about this book:

  1. Understanding how habits work
  2. Understanding how the habits of companies influence their success
  3. Learning about the ways stores like Target manipulate us
  4. This is a fascinating and easy read. And there are even practical tips to help you change your own habits.  

Podcast – This Old Marketing

Pulizzi and Rose

Who needs to listen? Content marketers

Episodes I especially loved:

  1. Episode #170: Medium Picked the Wrong Business Model
  2. Episode #167: The Battle for Custom Content
  3. Episode #165: This is the year agencies will buy media companies

Blog – Tara Gentile (pronounced jen-till-ee)

Tara Gentile Blog

Who needs to read it? Women and men who want to be build their small business to earn more.   

My favorite posts:

  1. Why We Need to Talk About 6, 7, and 8-Figure Businesses
  2. 5 Ways to Generate Revenue Now Without Having a Sale
  3. The Essential Entrepreneurial Mindset with Nilofer Merchant

Tool – TweetDeck

TweetDeck Account

What is it? There’s a lot of noise on Twitter. TwitterDeck helps you filter the noise so that you can hear what’s being said  and listen to what’s relevant to you and your business.

What I love about TweetDeck:

  1. It makes connecting with the people who are interesting and relevant, easy.
  2. Participating in a Twitter chat can be overwhelming. TweetDeck makes it easier to follow so that I can have a meaningful conversation.
  3. It’s a great way to track discussions about interesting keywords.

What great resources helped you during this past month? Please share in the comments below.