In my last post, I shared some thoughts about time management.

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve been implementing those tips to see how they work.

This is what I found:

  1. Setting a time limit and doing the hardest things first definitely helped me manage my time better and get more done.


  1. Getting more done and being more efficient did not always translated into finding the time to write my novel.

I did learn that if I want to write my novel, I need a writing group. Apart from being wonderfully talented writers who provide helpful feedback, perhaps at least as important is the deadline they smack me with – or rather we smack each other with.

Naturally, the question that arises is, what steps can I further take to make sure I buckle down and write?

In the past two weeks, because I’ve been setting time limits for my various tasks, I’ve also been much more realistic in setting goals. If I know that I have between 8-10 free hours for work, I can’t possibly assign myself 15 hours of work a day. In essence, I force myself to choose the most important or urgent tasks. And that is what I get done.

But writing my novel usually doesn’t make it into the list of things I must do. Which is why something needs to change in the way I manage my schedule.

But what?

The weekend, I think.

Here in Israel, the weekend is Friday and Saturday. Saturday being a day of rest.

I’m an Orthodox Jew. I don’t roll (my pen) on Shabbos. So that really only leaves Friday.

My artist friend, Reuven Dattner told me that before he retired and worked full-time as an artist, he used Fridays as his holy day on which to create art.

I think that’s what I’ll need to do.


I’m not sure how that’s going to pan out.

I’ll keep you posted.

What tricks do you use to find time to write your novel?