A breast cancer  4km walk was held in Jerusalem last week. A long stream of white, pink and black shirts, flourescent signs, parasols and pink ribbons flowed through the streets. Women and men, young and old, jews and non-jews were raising awareness for breast cancer. I sat in traffic caused as a result of the walk and asked myself what the purpose of the walk was.

Sure, awareness is important but to what end? Was the purpose to encourage women to do mammograms? Did they hope to influence government in policies related to breast cancer? Was this a “foot in the door” event? It’s unclear.

Today one of the stories featured on Yahoo is 5 Scary Cancer Questions. The author of the column Lucy Danziger, is the Editor-in-Chief of SELF magazine. In the article Danziger presents answers given by medical experts to their top medical concerns about cancer. It’s interesting to note that not one of the questions refer specifically to breast cancer though breast cancer is referred to in one of the answers. Of course this doesn’t say much. Assuming that Danziger did use the top questions, it only means that the women who wrote to SELF weren’t most interested in breast cancer.

I read that article. Perhaps I should now say that I understand that awareness is an aim in and of itself.

I received yesterday the link to a pink glove dance medical professionals and cancer survivors took part in. I found it both fun and very moving.