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Caring for your Car Battery

After the battery of our first car died, a year after purchasing the car, the mechanic explained to me that the most a car battery lasts is about two to three years. And so I should expect that every two years when I’m in the most incovenient place my car will die and I will need to wait about two hours to get my car fixed.

That two year point occurred again about two weeks ago. Yes, it was at a most inconvenient time. Thinking I was on my way to get the kids and myself ready to go to my husband’s first cousin’s wedding (considering he only has two, it was a wedding we had hoped to make on time), I was proven wrong.

My car battery died and I was destined to wait two hours for “Drachim” (and Israeli automotive service my insurance has a deal with). I walked around with my kids looking for a park in a neighborhood to pass the time. It was a sweet surprise when the service man called me an hour later to know he would be with me in ten minutes. And he was.

My kids looked on in fascination as the service man changed the battery of my car. As I filled out the paperwork agreeing to pay about 900NIS for my car (“batteries use lead and the price of lead has increased” he explained), I asked him or rather told him that we’d meet in two years again.

“Why two years?” the man asked. He told me that a battery should be lasting me for five years. I looked at him questioningly. “I bet they never told you that every two months you should get your battery re-filled with water.” Actually they didn’t. But the man went on to say that if one takes care of their battery, refilling it with water every two months, it should last them about five years.

So that was that. I got a great tip on my car’s battery. I got quick service and I did manage to make it to that wedding on time after all.


  1. liat! i’m reading your blog for the first time and feel compelled to comment . . . i’ve never heard of a car battery only lasting 2 years, and unless they have some fancy water powered batteries in israel, i’ve certainly never heard of putting water into a battery! batteries are electric!! water + electricity doesn’t usually go together, no?
    i’ve done a lot of driving in my life in all sorts of cars, from the most beaten of beaters to new and shiny cars, all over north america, across the continent really and IF i’ve ever had a battery problem it was for only two reasons – one, i left the light on over night and the battery died. this simply requires a boost from another car, you let the car run for a while, go for a little drive and you are all good. two: the starter dies. the starter is what turns over the engine and sometimes this part does die, often mistaken for a dead battery – the battery is fine, it’s the starter that won’t turn and that makes that funny little sound when you are trying to turn the ignition and nothing happens. that click, click, click sound.
    we purchased a brand new car in 2007 and have driven it hard for the past almost 4 years now, and as long as you have your regular maintenance – oil changes, fluid checks – and it’s a relatively new car, you should not be having any problems.
    what sounds to me like what is happening is the good ol’ woman in a mechanic shop racket.
    do me a favor – next time you think you need a new battery, call me first!

    keep up the writing – your doing a great job!!!

    • sorry to be such a nerd – but just for kicks i went to the canadian tire website to check out their car batteries for warranty info and most of the batteries, regardless of price, from the least to most expensive, and regardless of brand, have 10 year warranties! 10 years!! that is really how long your battery should last!

      • Jackie,
        Thank you for reading and thank you for your post!
        Seriously, I think I’m going to do some homework about batteries in Israel as compared with batteries abroad.
        Obviously the water thing makes but what can I say when the technician showed me where the water goes and told me that they’ll fill it up for me at any gas station?
        Clearly batteries in Israel are made differently than batteries in Canada.
        I’ll get more details and write another post about it, so stay tuned.

      • After a crazy Hannukah, I just got around to doing the research. I found that a battery should last anywhere from 3-7 years and that shorter drives (less than 20 minutes) will shorten the lifespan of a battery. I also found that that there is water in the battery and that maintaining the water level of a battery will prolong its life. See:
        That’s it,
        Lots of love,

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