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Get To Your Writing – Time Management, Helpful Tools and Some Tips

Lately, I feel like I’m in university; constantly learning, constantly writing, constantly working to provide helpful tips to others who are in the beginning or middle phases of their own freelance business. Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do. In fact, I have the best job in the world (I’m a content writer/marketer) for WiseStamp and for Ink of Imagination.

But, because I’m so busy writing for WiseStamp and so busy writing for Ink of Imagination – my own freelance writing company, I haven’t been writing my book – the reason I began writing in the first place. read more

Why Robin Williams’ Death Matters

I didn’t know Robin Williams personally. I’m sure that I wasn’t even among his greatest fans. As a kid, I loved him as Mork. As a teen I loved him as John Keating in Dead Poets Society. As an adult, I appreciated his immense talent to make people laugh.

Robin Williams seemed to have a certain magic. He was able to play any role whether silly or serious. In most of his movies he would do both. He’d make you laugh, he’d make you cry. And one might argue that through whatever role he was playing, he’d give you a glimpse into who he was. read more

Reuven Dattner

It’s not often that one gets to meet with a real artist.
I see your scorn.
‘What do you mean by real?’ you’re thinking.
I’ll tell you.
I think an artist, a real artist, is like the classical biblical prophet, who shirks, shuns and shies away from the divine leadership that is being imposed upon him, until he finally understands that he has no choice.
A real artist is not blessed with the ability to exercise free will. He creates because he must.
Reuven Dattner is that kind of artist. That kind of real artist.
He understands that he has no choice. But he hasn’t yet gotten a grip on his gift.
“If I can do it, anybody can,” Reuven says unassumingly.
“Really?” I ask. “Do you have any idea how prolific you are?”
“I come from the business world. In business you produce.”
But art isn’t only about being prolific. It’s about meaning and beauty, understanding and symbolism.
It’s about a keen eye, a sharp mind, and penetrating vision; the ability to see and understand our world and interpret it.
I don’t mean to embarrass Reuven. And I hope that he’ll still speak to me after this piece.
‘Why would you want to write about me?’ I can hear him say ‘there are so many interesting things to write about.’
I want to make others aware of his existence and his art.
I want others to see and understand his amazing ability to create incredible beauty even out of a city like Petach Tikva (and please, no offense to you if that is where you live).
Reuven Dattner is a gem of person. He’s also a profoundly talented artist.
And if he’s still speaking to me, I can probably arrange a meeting with him for you.
It’s well worth your while. read more


I suspect that most women don’t believe in themselves enough.

I suspect that most women struggle to succeed. (However they define success.)

I suspect that there are plenty who will prey on these vulnerabilities.

Even women.

Yesterday, I came across a blog post in which the author explained why she would not be taking part in a certain course geared at helping women getting their business off the ground.

It seemed that the blogger would have liked to be a part of it, but $2000 was just too steep for her. read more

Happy 2014!

“There’s absolutely nothing witty about your writing.”
“Oh” I said, surprised.
“Look, really it’s nothing personal. To be a writer you need to do more than just put a pen to paper and write words. It’s about the rhythm, the voice and about bringing descriptions to life; like you can touch them, feel them, smell them.”
“And I don’t do that?” I asked hurt.
“Well, not exactly. But look” she went on, “I’m not saying that you can’t improve, I’m just saying that right now, at this moment in time, there’s nothing you can do with your writing.” read more

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