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Authenticity, Values, Inclusion: Takeaways from the Israel Business Conference 2018

Yesterday was the first of the two-day Globes Israel Business Conference 2018 held in ICC Jerusalem – International Convention Center (aka Binyanei Hauma).

Globes is Israel’s leading business newspaper, so it’s not surprising that the conference attracted a lot of big names including, the Honorable Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin, President of Israel, Dr. Hedva Ber, Supervisor of Banks, Professor Shmuel Hauser, Chairman of Israel Securities Authority and Zvi Stepak, co-founder and Chairman of the Meitav Group. read more

Hardships as a springboard to success: Takeaways from the Jasmine Conference, 2017

When you attend a conference such as the Jasmine Conference, you can expect to come away with a rich experience that embodies ideas, insights and emotions.

What sets Jasmine apart from other organizations is its mission to promote the economic development of all women, regardless of race, creed, class or ethnicity. Jasmine is inspiring in its ability to bring together women from every single sector of society, not leaving anyone behind and helping women to march forward together. Jasmine is set apart in its understanding that women who have economic power, will use that power to promote good, not only for their family, but for their community and beyond. read more

My 7 Takeaways from the Tel Aviv Women and Business Conference 2016

Women and Business Conference Tel Aviv

Yesterday (February 24, 2016), I attended the Women & Business conference, Israel’s 2nd Annual Summit in Tel Aviv. 

Being the owner of my copywriting business means that I attend conferences often; at least once and sometimes twice a month.

At most conferences, most of the speakers are men. And though 51% of the Israeli population are women, women are underrepresented time and time again at conferences, as winners of prestigious awards and in every other facet of life. Naturally, what made this conference so exciting was the vast number of women speakers who are doing amazing things, talking about it and making themselves available to other women.   read more