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Pricing: How Copywriters Can Get It Right

Pricing is a tricky beast.

In the almost five years that I’ve been a freelance copywriter, I’ve learned a heck of a lot about pricing.

Mostly because I spent the first year getting it all wrong.

Over the past few weeks I’ve spoken to a few people about pricing. A couple of them asked me if I can put together a post about about the subject and it is to them that I dedicate this post.

This morning, I came across an excellent LinkedIn update about pricing which I’m going to elaborate on.


Starting out as a freelance copywriter, I could only send specs (ads copywriters make up when they don’t yet have any real samples). Nobody knew my work. Nobody could refer work to me. I was on my own. read more

Why You Should Never Ask a Copywriter to Write A Test Sample (and what you should ask for instead)

copywriting research

I’m a copywriter, content writer and corporate storyteller. As such, it’s my job to understand my clients’ business, their products, their target audience and their values.

Every so often, I get asked by a potential client for a test sample; their concern being, that I will not be able to apply my writing skills to their industry, or that the ‘voice’ of my writing will not capture what they’re looking to represent.

This request usually comes either after a client has had a bad experience with a previous writer or because they’ve never worked with a copywriter and they want to prevent a bad experience. read more

How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell: 3 Pro Tips

In case you haven’t noticed, stores are no longer just places to buy things; stores have become showrooms. The reason, is of course the internet and our ability to find and get the best bargains for what we’re looking for. But it’s not just about price. It’s about our personal taste.

When we walk into a store, many times we know what we want. We’ve looked it up on the web. We’ve thought about it, perhaps dreamed about it. When we walk into a store, it’s often the final frontier before reaching for our wallet – which doesn’t necessarily need to happen in the store, but it’s where the decision to buy (or not to buy) is made. read more