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InspHERation: Eetta Prince-Gibson – Award-winning Journalist

Our world is complex. But wise, courageous and deep-thinking women, like Eetta Prince-Gibson, inspire and challenge us to boldly live the dichotomies the world presents us with, through diversity and equality.

Eetta Prince-Gibson is an incredibly warm person. She is also thoughtful and sharp, openly sharing her smart, complex and profound ideas. Having been a woman at the editorial helm of a leading media establishment in Israel, and having contributed to its significant growth, Eetta’s insights on fear provide not only inspiration, but also a hopeful perspective on how we can improve ourselves with deliberate action.   

Strong on the outside but not on the inside

As I review my notes from my meeting with Eetta, I realize how much overcoming fear is central to our lives. Even one as smart, successful and talented as Eetta has had to overcome fear and this feeling of “I’m not good enough.” read more

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault: Men are the problem and they are also the answer

Me too. In my adult life. Here in Israel. On more than one occasion.

It happened in a former work place. In two different positions. Two different men. A couple of years apart. I was already married, wearing a head covering.

The first time, a man from a different office came by and kissed my colleague. He then kissed me. I asked him to please not do it again.

My colleague told me that a woman who had held my position previously told him the same thing. And he used to chase her around the office. read more

InspHERation: Moran Bar – CEO, Geekmedia, Feminist & Hero of Good

Moran Bar

A trailblazer in the Israeli and international tech world, Moran Bar is making the world a better place for startups, women and everybody she meets. She shares details about her unexpected meeting with Arthur Sulzberger, owner of The New York Times, and his unexpected trait.   

Moran Bar is the CEO of Geektime, one of the largest international tech blogs that focuses on being an ecosystem for startups. She’s an inspirational and humble leader who openly shares her experiences. And while Moran is acutely aware of the obstacles that stand in the way of women in tech, she’s undeterred by them and instead focuses on the way she can help other women in their journey to success.

I met up with Moran in her Tel Aviv office to talk about her success, experience and insights into the world of women in entrepreneurship and tech. read more

Modesty: The Trouble Isn’t With Women

Two days ago a woman was stoned because some boy decided she was dressed immodestly. This type of behaviour shouldn’t surprise us when there is an overall acceptance for the fact that women’s modesty is men’s business.

Two days ago a woman was “lightly injured” after a boy threw a rock at her for dressing “immodestly.” And while violence against women and girls for immodest dress is not new, I don’t think we can be angry at the Ultra-Orthodox for this deviant behaviour. We need to be angry with ourselves and we need to be doing something about it.

Modesty and Women in Modern Israel

In the modern state of Israel, women are in fact autonomous beings. But even in this day and age there are still issues of modesty that come up again and again. read more

Should We Stop Trying to Empower Women With “Cutesy” Titles?

Do cute titles like “SHE-EO” and momtrepreneur do more harm than good?

I recently read a thoughtful article on Fast Company about “cutesy titles” like She-EO, girlboss and girlpower that harm women more than they empower them.

I think the article is an important one because as women, it’s vital that we’re aware of the language we use. And not just for ourselves, but for our society and perhaps especially for our kids.

The article has certainly made me more aware of the existence of a disempowering language that many of us use. But it also calls into question when it is okay to use titles that we as women feel empowered by. read more