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InspHERation: MK Merav Ben-Ari – 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know

From being raised by a single mother and all through her journey to the Kulanu party and the Knesset, Merav Ben-Ari hasn’t forgotten her humble beginnings. As she works toward helping businesses prosper, she works equally hard towards empowering single mothers and at-risk youth.

I met with MK Merav Ben-Ari in the Knesset and in this post I share 5 things about her that you probably didn’t know:

1. She was on the Israel’s reality TV program “Needed: a Leader.” And she won.

In 2005, when Merav Ben-Ari first interviewed for “Needed: a Leader,” she

was relatively unknown and didn’t in fact pass the first audition, having come read more

InspHERation: Yonit Tzuk – Expert Blogger and Teacher

Meet the blog researcher who developed a 5-step model that explains how a person can turn a blog hobby into a blog profession and then did just that, going on to build a home for Israeli bloggers.

Yonit Tzuk, also known as the Blogeristit, talks about what it means to be vulnerable and how she pushed beyond it to build the Hubblogging in Kfar Saba. In our interview, Yonit generously shares her experience about building the hub and how she secured a bank loan in the face of rejection.   

From blogger hobbyist to blogger professional

For Yonit Tzuk, blogging began with a desire to share, as well as learn. While abroad for her husband’s work, Yonit began sharing her daily experiences with her newborn daughter. First out of a place of loneliness, but quickly developing into a place where Yonit felt she had to write in order to learn what works and what doesn’t and better develop her content marketing muscles.

Upon her return to Israel, Yonit did a Masters in Media Communications in Netanya Academic College through which she developed her 5-stage model for turning a hobby into a paying blogging profession. read more

InspHERation: Eetta Prince-Gibson – Award-winning Journalist

Our world is complex. But wise, courageous and deep-thinking women, like Eetta Prince-Gibson, inspire and challenge us to boldly live the dichotomies the world presents us with, through diversity and equality.

Eetta Prince-Gibson is an incredibly warm person. She is also thoughtful and sharp, openly sharing her smart, complex and profound ideas. Having been a woman at the editorial helm of a leading media establishment in Israel, and having contributed to its significant growth, Eetta’s insights on fear provide not only inspiration, but also a hopeful perspective on how we can improve ourselves with deliberate action.   

Strong on the outside but not on the inside

As I review my notes from my meeting with Eetta, I realize how much overcoming fear is central to our lives. Even one as smart, successful and talented as Eetta has had to overcome fear and this feeling of “I’m not good enough.” read more

InspHERation: Kiram Baloum – Leading Women to Economic Change

Meet the founder and CEO of Jasmine.  Kiram Baloum is teaching women from all sectors of Israeli society to put themselves higher on their own priority list and to think economically.

What is immediately clear in my meeting with Kiram, is that she is an inspirational leader. She is kind and generous, her answers cut deep into the heart of the matter, and she is all about trailblazing the way to meaningful economic change for all Israeli women, across all sectors.   

Most Women Succeed Because Somebody Believed in Them

Kiram grew up in Tayibe. She is one of nine children – four boys, five girls. And though boys may be more desired, it’s the girls who Kiram’s father empowered. From a young age, Kiram received an abundance of love and support from her father who would say such things as “I believe in you,” “I count on you,” “you can do it.” read more

InspHERation: Aviv Landau-Artzi – Think. Dare. Influence.

Aviv Landau-Artzi is an entrepreneur and business woman who believes that entrepreneurs must follow their own truths. She helps others to create their maps to success while staying in tune with her own inner voice. 

For Aviv Landau-Artzi, entrepreneurship is in her DNA. From a young age she wasn’t interested in what her parents thought or what the neighbors would say. She is an independent thinker who wants to share her ideas and practical knowledge to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into products change the world.

The Entrepreneur Who Never Fails

“Look at where everybody is going, and go the opposite way,” is Aviv’s philosophy, “just because everybody is going one way, doesn’t mean it’s right,” she says.

I ask Aviv to elaborate.Aviv_Landau_Artzi read more

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