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InspHERation: Bat-chen Grinberg – Founder of MC Forum and Creative Director of FailCon

 Bat-chen Grinberg

Bat-chen Grinberg is the founder of the training centre for B2B marketers, MC Forum, and the creative director of FailCon. Prior to that Bat-chen was responsible for establishing the first international distribution network of its kind in the field of media and film productions, developing the international market for documentaries, including the award-winning animated war documentary, “Waltz with Bashir.”

I met with Bat-Chen met at WeWork Sarona in Tel-Aviv, a beautiful workspace environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses. Nothing could have prepared me for this very special encounter. Bat-chen was lavish in her marketing advice and stories and about her journey and success. I’m so excited to share the details of our conversation with you.

How the movie “Waltz with Bashir” Almost Didn’t Happen

“Waltz with Bashir” is a heartbreaking masterpiece. Its powerful story breaks the barriers of time and space, penetrates your heart and simultaneously builds and destroys your faith in mankind. 

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InspHERation: Emma Butin – Innovator, Strategic Advisor & Teacher

Emma Butin is an innovator, strategic advisor, teacher and lecturer at IDC. I met up with her to discuss her thoughts about small businesses, strategies and success, and learned of her profound love for Israel and her passion in promoting its prosperity.  

I first heard Emma Butin speak at Temech’s 7th annual conference where she intrigued me with an inspiring talk about the DNA of billion dollar companies. Since then, Shaindy Babad, CEO of Temech, and an inspiring woman in her own right, has brought Emma back to Temech to teach Emma’s “Prosperity from Within” course which teaches women how small tweaks to their business can make a tremendous difference to their bottom line results. I am a participant in the course.

Israel – Land of the Entrepreneur  

After learning that Emma was born in Israel, that she moved to America at age 13 and then returned at age 26, I wondered why. What caused Emma to come back? Her immediate answer was “this is the place to be.” Sure, Emma says, Israel isn’t only a “startup Mecca” it “creates a lot of opportunities for people that are really driven,” but beyond that Emma explained that she is here, because in her words “Israel is in my DNA. I really love this country. There is no other logical explanation.”

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InspHERation: Orit Freilich – Artist, Fashion Designer and Feminist

Orit Freilich quote

Orit Freilich is an artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and senior lecturer at Shenkar college. She’s firm, yet flexible, living the dichotomy of two religions – fashion and Orthodox Judaism. I recently met up with her to discuss her journey and her success, and I picked up some important tips she has for women.  

Peering into the world of Orthodox Jews, many would say they’ve chosen a restrictive lifestyle. And maybe they have. But according to Orit, the world of fashion is far more restricting than even the modesty guidelines of the Orthodox world.


As a young girl and later as a mother to girls, Orit felt the modesty restrictions of the Jewish Orthodox world. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, working as a designer for the then-popular Israeli Bakardi jeans company, she felt the restrictions of the fashion world. “I realized that I’m living in a crazy dichotomy. There’s me and myself and so many questions that I have for myself, as if I haven’t yet defined myself….That’s when my breakthrough as an artist began. So I wrote a manifesto for myself, with myself. I called it, The Religion of Fashion. I came out against fashion. I said…you see me as a religious person [and as] a designer as if I’m unusual, as if I can’t be a religious person and a designer; as if fashion is so open and unrestricted. And I say it is the most limiting, most closed, and most rigid.”

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