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What is Womencentric Marketing and Why Is it Important?

women power

What is womencentric marketing?

Womencentric marketing is the marketing strategy that puts women at the front and centre of its campaigns. It is the recognition of women as a strong and economic buying power and it is important, in and of itself, not only for women, but for society and for corporations. And not only because it makes financial sense.  

How does womencentric marketing differ from femvertising?

In a nutshell, womencentric marketing is the approach, femvertising is the execution. Womencentric marketing is the multi-faceted and comprehensive plan that includes market research, market strategies, public relations, consumer support, positioning, pricing et al. read more

Dove Real Beauty Sketches – Cynical Use of Feminism or an Advertising Campaign That Inspires?

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

I originally set out to write a post about companies that do a really bad job marketing to women. I wanted to compile a list of companies whose marketing fails are so bad that women would perhaps reconsider supporting their brand.

I had in mind to create a list of marketing fails like this one:

the perfect beer for whatever happens

In 2015, Bud Light was accused of promoting rape culture.

But then, I came across an article called 10 Worst Ways Companies Have Used Feminism to Sell Women Products. I read the article. And while I could totally agree with most examples, there were others that confused me. In fact, one of them I even chose for a blog post called The 7 Best Advertising Campaigns That Inspire and Empower Women. I am referring of course to the Dove Real Beauty Sketches  campaign. read more