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My first blog posts

Happy 2015!

The end of the year is here. It’s time to take stock.

I’ve completed 15 books this year:

6 novels

4 copywriting books

3 creative writing books

2 business books

I’ve learned a ton, improved my writing skills, moved forward in my story, (though not enough because after two years I still haven’t finished my second draft), developed my copywriting business and have begun to invest in the stock market.

I’ve taken some small steps and some big steps.

I’m focused.

And because I’m focused 2015 is going to be bigger and better. read more

Meandering Thoughts

There are so many things I want.

I want to run and hide from insurance agents. I want to file my taxes on time. I want to be good and I want to be happy. I want the same for my family and my friends and even for people I don’t know. I want to share the sun and the moon and the warm weather that has come my way. I want to share my flowers and herbs. I want to be foliaceous, but I don’t know how. And I want to be a star.
But if I can just be myself, maybe that will be enough. I don’t need to succeed, I don’t need to achieve and I don’t need to be liked. I just need to write and be courageous enough to share.
Sometimes, many times, it’s not easy. Because I’m haunted by thoughts that have nothing to do with my writing. Thoughts about 6,000,000 that perished continue to lace my thoughts with streaks of darkness and pain. And I think why.
Why them? Why me? Why anyone? Is there any sense to this universe?
And I think about the cloudy days. The greyest days of the year, when it seems like a blue sky or sun don’t exist. But I know that they do; above the grey, gloom and cold. They’re just hiding. And perhaps after the Holocaust the Jews that survived the horrors could have lost their faith in the goodness of humanity. And perhaps they could have lost their faith in G-d. But they too – the goodness of humanity and G-d – they too were hiding. Just like the sun. read more

Welcome Allergy Season

 What’s Worse?


No anti-histamine

Or labour

No epidural.

Can a man know?


Mine doesn’t.

Welcome allergies. We haven’t met. Until now.

You sought out others. My husband, for instance.

You’ve been making him suffer for longer than I’ve known him.

But now I know too.

And I claim empirical knowledge.

Allergies are insignificant compared to labour without an epidural.

These words were inspired by my first ever bout of allergies and the memory of my husband teary-eyed, sniffling and sneezing and complaining to the nurse at the hospital (while I was in labour) that allergies cause more suffering than labour. read more

Free Dental Care for Kids – Reasons Not To Smile

Since sometime in 2010, children under the age of 12 have been receiving free dental care here in Israel. Wonderful? Depends. If your child is in need of a lot of oral work it may be more worthwhile to seek a children’s dentist privately. Before I tell you why let me just say that the information below applies to Meuchedet (and probably the other kupot if the reason given below is “a result of the new law”). And now the reasons not to smile:

1. A children’s specialist most likely won’t be the one working in your child’s mouth read more

Cutting Sugar

So I’ve decided to cut white sugar from my diet and white flour too for that matter.
Only once I made the decision did I realize that there’s sugar in almost every processed food. I also realized that if I’m going to stick to this diet I’m going to have to learn how to cook and bake with whole grains. We’ll see how that goes.
In the meantime I’ve learned to make Miso soup which is yummy, quick and easy.
I’ve also had to find alternative health supermarkets to do my shopping. Luckily this wasn’t too difficult.
I had a very pleasant shopping experience at Zmora Organi on Amatzia in Jerusalem.
Unfortunately though I couldn’t find everything I was looking for and I only realized when I got home that I need to carefully read the labels because not everything has a hechsher.
But I did manage to make a great Miso soup so I’ll share the recipe with you. read more

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