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My first blog posts


I’m going to digress from my usual topics of writing. A voice within me burns to escape.

The establishment of the State of Israel is nothing short of a miracle. Built on the ruins of the destruction of the Jewish people, a land for the Jews was voted on by the UN.  33 countries voted in favour of a Jewish State. A war erupted as 5 Arab armies attacked and miraculously the small state was not annihilated. 63 years later, Jews in the State of Israel must still fight for their right to live here. read more

Throwing Out Your Old Crocs?

The result of a class action claim against the importers to Israel of Crocs has finally ended. The result, less impressive than the class action, means for consumers (who have previously bought a pair of Crocs) a reduction of 25NIS on their next purchase of Crocs.
Did you ever notice how Crocs cost the same amount at every store? Did you ever wonder how it was possible?
Well, the sad truth is, it’s not.
The importers of Crocs threatened not to supply the shoes to distributors who sell them at less than their dictated prices. The result, a cartel, illegal according to consumer protection laws in Israel.
Despite the opposition of the Attorney General to the settlement agreement, the agreement was approved in the district court of Jerusalem last week.
So now, those with a pair of old Crocs in their hand, can go into a shop that sells Crocs and get a voucher for 25NIS on their next purchase.
Truthfully it doesn’t really seem like justice has been done since, on average, consumers lost about 65NIS on a purchase of Crocs because of fixed prices.
So you get to decide what’s best.
Will you throw out your old pair promising yourself you’ll never buy another in Israel again? Or will you round up all old pairs and take them in to get those vouchers, handing the additional ones out to friends who you know are interested in getting another pair? read more

Your Money Back Guaranteed – It’s the Law

If you grew up in a country like the US or Canada it was pretty obvious to you that if you bought something and later had regrets you could return it and your money would be fully refunded.

If you grew up in Israel and you bought something that you wanted to return, the policy was a bit different. If you were lucky you would receive a voucher to spend in the same store – of course the amount could also be less than what you spent – but you nevertheless felt somewhat lucky because at least you got something back. If however you were unlucky, well, tough luck. read more

Caring for your Car Battery

After the battery of our first car died, a year after purchasing the car, the mechanic explained to me that the most a car battery lasts is about two to three years. And so I should expect that every two years when I’m in the most incovenient place my car will die and I will need to wait about two hours to get my car fixed.

That two year point occurred again about two weeks ago. Yes, it was at a most inconvenient time. Thinking I was on my way to get the kids and myself ready to go to my husband’s first cousin’s wedding (considering he only has two, it was a wedding we had hoped to make on time), I was proven wrong. read more

Sometimes You Just Have to Ask

About a week ago 012 had a problem with their infrastructure which affected the phone lines and internet of thousands. When I called 012 the day of the problem in order to find out why my phone and internet wasn’t working, they explained the infrastructure problem and told me it would take most of the day to repair. I proceeded to ask how they intended to reimburse me for a day with no landline or internet. “You’ll have to speak to customer service” the 012 representative replied. “Surely you must have a policy if this is the problem of thousands” I pressed. “I’m sorry you’ll have to speak with customer service” the representative repeated. read more

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