Facts? What do they have to do with anything? I’m writing fiction. Well so I thought.

No. I wasn’t really thinking. I was just trying to get away with not doing research. It didn’t work. I couldn’t fool my readers – in this case my writing group. Winging it doesn’t pass when you have to be someone else. Writing is not a show. It’s about being. About becoming. And if you can’t become your character or if you just don’t want to – either for fear or laziness – put down your pen and go find another vocation. You’ll never be a writer.

If you expect to be a successful writer you better understand this small and yet profound point. You have to become your character and as such you have to understand every situation they are in. Peer into the depths of their soul. Only then you’ll understand the type of research you need to do. Be insightful and you’ll characters will become insightful, teaching your readers about this life we’re living.

Do the research. Make your reader’s journey into your book worth their trip.