So I’m the first to admit I’m falling behind. This post was to be written two days ago. But I was too busy writing, trying to get my story together that I couldn’t possibly think of a post.

But better late than never as some say. I say perfectionism is the enemy. I’m nowhere near perfect so I’ll do the best I can. But enough with the excuses.

What have I been writing?

I couple of weeks ago I told you about FreeMind, the wonderful free mapping program. I’m still busy outlining my story because I want to start the writing of my second draft on Sunday. Today I want to print it up so I’ll have it in front of me when I write. I don’t want to fall behind because falling behind on my bigger project – writing a book – may make it much more difficult for me to catch up later.

Having said that it’s so important to stick to all your due dates if you can. And if you can’t you might want to reassess and make sure that you’re not setting unrealistic goals for yourself. These don’t serve you at all. In fact they make success impossible. If one only experiences failure (by setting goals they’re not meeting) they’ll think that’s all they are capable of. Like the story of the fly. I’ve never actually tried this but I feel like it’s a good illustration if it is true. Stick a fly in a jar for a while, the fly will attempt to get out and keep bumping himself on the lid of the jar. Take off the lid a few days later the fly will not leave the jar because it will think it can’t. You don’t want to be that fly.

Keep in mind however that you can fall behind and even fail occasionally, it will not destroy you. In fact it may even teach you something. But the point is to get up smack the dust of the obstacle off, learn the lesson and move on. So fall behind or fail if you must, but get up! Success is waiting for you.