As you may have noticed the look of my blog has changed just a bit.

It’s in honour of the new and exciting direction I have decided to take.
While I totally enjoy writing about issues of consumerism, I’ve decided to shift my blog to discuss writing or quite simply just to write.
Because this blog is supposed to help this writer in the making, I will focus on my writing, for it’s own sake – lishma.
(I just tried pressing CTRL-I to italicize “lishma”. It didn’t work but in the Firefox browser it did open a search through my bookmarks – pretty cool).

My passion for writing.
I think it started somewhere around the age of 8 when I couldn’t sleep and I started a story about an 8-year-old named Barnaby Smith Jr. who nobody wanted to play with. It was meant to be a funny yet sad story. It only ended up being sad and that was because after four whole chapters of hard work, I lost it.
I grew up in the pages of a Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Paula Danziger and Barbara Park. When I was 15 I asked for a set of books for my birthday. My father was impressed but tried to encourage me to get a fancy walkman instead.
In high school I wrote a book geared for four-year-olds. It was called “Paint is for Paper.”I wish I had kept it. Perhaps the walls of my home would not be messily decorated with red, orange and purple colours.

So now I read and write and read some more. And for now what I read is always better than what I write. But I stick with the writing because hopefully one day that will change.

If I can think of one thing that I do, that helps me as a writer and perhaps can help someone else, it is starting a notebook for a project that you are working on. I’m currently working on a children’s book. I have two notebooks – one in which I write everyday and another which is devoted to my children’s story and has all the information on my characters, different settings and scenes. Ideally, any information or ideas that I have I enter into my project notebook but sometimes when I’m on a roll with doing my daily writing I’ll just enter the date the entry was made into my project notebook so that I can refer to it when I’m working on my story.  It helps me to keep writing and to keep my ideas somewhat organized.

I have just begun phase two of my blog. I hope you enjoy and keep reading.