“There’s absolutely nothing witty about your writing.”
“Oh” I said, surprised.
“Look, really it’s nothing personal. To be a writer you need to do more than just put a pen to paper and write words. It’s about the rhythm, the voice and about bringing descriptions to life; like you can touch them, feel them, smell them.”
“And I don’t do that?” I asked hurt.
“Well, not exactly. But look” she went on, “I’m not saying that you can’t improve, I’m just saying that right now, at this moment in time, there’s nothing you can do with your writing.”

I could see her regret. She didn’t mean to make me feel bad.

I called her on it.

“You’re wimping out.”
“No I’m not. Your writing is shit, but don’t feel bad about it – you’ll improve.”

I found this dialogue in my notebook. It’s dated May, 2010.  It’s probably a dialogue I had with my super-ego. She’s criticizing my writing. But she’s also giving me courage; or trying to.

Soon after we learn to read, and maybe even at the same time, we learn to write. But because we learn to form letters and put them on paper, it doesn’t mean we actually know how to write in the composing, crafting and communicating sense of the word.

When we finally make the decision to learn to write – in the composing sense of the word – we must first accept that it is a process. Writing isn’t easy. At least not for me. But every day I show up to work. I sit down with my notebook or at my computer and I practice my work with words: changing them, deleting them, rearranging them.

It’s almost 2014. I’m still practicing, I’m still working, I’m still learning.

Thank you, my dear blog readers, for making 2013 as great as it was. Thank you for your comments on-line and off. Your encouragement, your love and your support help me overcome my fear of publishing each time I post.

So here’s wishing you a fabulous 2014. Achieve and accomplish!

Happy 2014!