Don’t look at me that way. I do.

Conflict is essential. Every story needs it. Every scene needs it. If it’s lacking you’ll stop reading.

As a writer conflict inspires me and pushes me to get more creative. I suppose you could even say it make me tick.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a violent or angry person by nature. But that does not mean that I won’t envision pushing you into Meteor Crater because you told me that I neglect my children.

The beautiful part about being a writer is that I can turn the effects of conflict dross into something positive and hopefully even beautiful. I’m not sure conflict offers that advantage in other lines of work.

Sources of conflict are unlimited. Perhaps the categories are limited but specific sources in and of themselves are as numerous as sand crystals.

Don’t pretend you hate conflict. And even if you say you do I won’t believe you. You might hate conflict in your life. I know I hate it in mine, but that doesn’t mean anything. You read books. You watch movies. Conflict in both is rife. And it has to be.

Controlled conflict. You have an insatiable hunger for it. Hollywood and book publishers everywhere would be bankrupt if you didn’t. You like to pick up your book and you love when you can’t put it down. But you also know that at some point it will end. And then you’ll pick up the next one.

It’s just the way it is. So just admit it. You like conflict too.