Successful Women of Israel

History is the past. HERstory is the future.


My name is Liat Behr and I live in Jerusalem, Israel. I’m an aspiring writer.

For me, my main obstacle barring me from writing is The Critic’s voice. Who is The Critic you ask? It’s that small but not at all insignificant inner voice that tells me that I can’t write, that I have nothing of importance to say, and she always decides to make herself heard just when I’m about to write. So for one thing, it is my hope that this blog will silence her. Not permanently. I’m not naive. But just temporarily. Just long enough to spill some thoughts on paper – real or cyber. I dare say published.

I’m just starting out and yes, things may change, but for now, my blog will be about the different facets of my life – me as a mother, consumer, aspiring writer and runner. I hope to post at least once a week, more when I have something interesting to say.

So, welcome to The Behr Truth and thank you for reading!


  1. Dear Liatush….
    So I just got home… and was looking at my face book and remembered U are on it 🙂 I saw that you have a blog… and really just read your first post… and couldn’t help but respond to it before I read all your posts…. I am excited to read it and think it is an awesome idea.. and YES I am interested!!!
    Love U

  2. You have a blog and you never told me! I’m so going to follow you now. As for writing and worrying about the voice of the critic, I’m going to send you an email shortly written by an author whose book I enjoyed reading. I liked what he had to say about writing. Keep at it! You are amazing!!!

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