It’s day 15 of NaNoWriMo.

I’m way behind my word count. By the end of today, I should be at 25,005. But I’m going into today with only 16,155 words.

Two days ago I was racking my brain. The usual question on my mind –  how am I going to move this novel forward? It’s not working as smoothly as I would like and the writing is nowhere near the level I expect of myself. Maybe this whole writing thing just isn’t for me. Maybe I should just give up altogether. To add insult to injury, the love of my life comes along and says something that sounds like “you’re just writing for fun, it’s not like you’ll ever get published.” And then I just want to give up. Give away all my pens, burn all my notebooks and be done with pretending I’m a writer.

He walks off and the idea comes rushing at me at full speed. I fling myself at it and manage to tackle it. Got you. Finally the idea that will make sense of the character that’s been giving me trouble all day. Ok, maybe I’ll go on being a writer for another day.

So that was two days ago. And today could start the same as it did then, but it won’t. I know better.

So today there will be no despair, I will believe in myself and my characters and I will write.