We’re all on a journey. Each and every one us.
But we aren’t sharing the same route nor is our destination identical.
The treasures each of us are picking up on the way and those that are waiting for us at the end of our quest are also unique.
Some of us have chosen easier routes and destinations.
Others of us will encounter bumpy rides that often seem like we’re going nowhere.
In fact some days we feel as though we just want to stop here.
Alright. Enough of this quest. It’s no fun, it’s fruitless, pointless. Stop the bus.
No can do. You’re autonomous but only up to a certain extent.

Those days, weeks sometimes months stretch us out of shape. It’s almost to difficult to go on. But we do anyway. Only because we don’t have another choice.

My best advice, for myself, perhaps for you:
Get up. Just keep going.
Don’t think about the setback.
Think about what tools you need to get back up, how you may perhaps better handle the hurdle should you encounter a similar one in the future. But don’t let it keep you down. You never know when your time will run out. You also don’t know how close you are to your prize.
Think about the prize. Focus on your goal, the purpose of your quest. If you don’t know what it is, make it up. But make the purpose so valuable to you that it doesn’t pay to keep you down.
Look up, get up and have no fear.
Face the world and just keep going.
You’re almost there.